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Volunteer round up!

If anyone can help Vicky at the Dunns Creek ride that is this weekend, please give her a shout. She needs folks for Friday and Saturday. You can reach her at
Chris Littlefield
Jan 15

Re: Almost TBT-November 2, 2997 Lucille Kenyon CTR Ride Results. En

Wow. Sure brought back a lot of memories. So many great riders and horses. Thanks for posting! Cindy Bell cbell6006@... ... From:
    Cindy Bell
    Jan 3
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      Jan 3
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      found horses

      found horses home.....owners away on vacation....horsesitter discovered them missing at dinner time
      Trish Lynch
      Dec 31, 2017

      Found Horses

      I found two horses in my pasture this morning. I assume they came in from the south where my joint fence with Lengeman is down for a few weeks while we
      Trish Lynch
      Dec 30, 2017


      May God rest her soul. Await funeral / memorial news. Thank you Trish. Deena Meyer Inverness On Dec 29, 2017, at 10:37 AM, Trish Lynch
      Deena Meyer
      Dec 29, 2017


      It is with great personal sadness that I write to tell you all that one of the old guard of competitive trail riding and judging has passed away. Joan Woods
      Trish Lynch
      Dec 29, 2017

      Goethe Gallivant Jan 5 & 6, 2018 AND Broxton Bridge FEI Fundraiser J

      Hi All, January is getting exciting!! And, it’s just around the corner, so get your entries in today!! Here are the links to each ride for more information:
        Kim Minarich
        Dec 6, 2017
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        Jiminy Crickets!!! Ring in the New Year WITH attending the Greenway Getaway! SO sorry Leah! I wouldn't miss your ride and neither should anyone else! Chris
        Chris Littlefield
        Dec 6, 2017

        December Newsletter

        Happy Holidays! November flew by with several great rides offered in different locations. I had the opportunity to compete at the Blackwater Boogie. This was
          Chris Littlefield
          Dec 6, 2017
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          Gator Run Youth Benefit Ride

          Mark your calendars!! Gator Run Youth Benefit Intro Ride/25/50 Endurance to be held at Tidewater Trailhead in Goethe State Forest will be held February 16 &
            Kim Minarich
            Dec 4, 2017
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            Even as the President of SEDRA, I sometimes misinterpret the rules and changes that were approved. Yesterday when I updated the Yahoo chat group with the
            Chris Littlefield
            Dec 1, 2017

            Re: NATRC Survey Monkey Results [1 Attachment]

            Thanks for the update and information. On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 11:51 AM Chris Littlefield ... -- *Wherever man has left his footprint in the long ascent
            Nancy Harmon
            Nov 30, 2017

            NATRC Survey Monkey Results

            Dear Members: A few weeks ago I had a survey created to find out what our members wanted when it came to NATRC. The survey is attached in a PDF file. I have a
            Chris Littlefield
            Nov 30, 2017
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              NATRC Survey Monkey Results.pdf

            Winter Gallop at Dunn's Creek

            Hello All, Ride information has been updated for Winter Gallop @ Dunn's Creek, 25/50 Endurance, January 19 & 20, 2018. Please go to the link below for ride
              Kim Minarich
              Nov 29, 2017
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