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192Saturday: Free Sci-Fi Films -- THE STAR TREK PILOTS ‹ DOUBLE FEATURE!

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  • Gerry Williams
    Sep 18 11:15 AM
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      SAN DIEGO VINTAGE SCI-FI presents:


      Double Feature: THE STAR TREK PILOTS: THE CAGE (1965) and WHERE NO MAN HAS
      GONE BEFORE (1966)

      (USA, 1965) 64 minutes
      "The USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike,
      receives a radio distress call from the fourth planet in the Talos star
      group. A landing party is assembled and beamed down to investigate. Tracking
      the distress signal to its source, the landing party discovers a camp of
      survivors from a scientific expedition that has been missing for 18 years.
      Amongst the survivors is a beautiful young woman named Vina. Captivated by
      her beauty, Pike is caught off guard and is captured by the Talosians, a
      race of humanoids who live beneath the planet's surface."
      Film Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGqo2EyDOP0

      Also showing:

      (USA, 1966) 50 minutes
      "The starship Enterprise is on an exploratory mission to the edge of the
      galaxy. En route, a damaged ship's recorder of the SS Valiant, an Earth
      spaceship lost 200 years earlier, is found. Its record is incomplete, but it
      reveals that the Valiant had been swept from its path by a "magnetic space
      storm," and that the crew had frantically searched for information about
      extra- sensory perception (ESP) in the ship's library computer. The
      recording ends with the captain of the Valiant apparently giving a
      self-destruct order. Kirk decides that they need to know what happened to
      the Valiant. The Enterprise encounters a barrier which damages the ship's
      systems and warp drive, forcing a retreat. At the same time, nine
      crewmembers are killed and both helmsman Gary Mitchell and ship's
      psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Dehner are knocked unconscious by the barrier's
      effect. When he awakens, Mitchell and Dehner begins to display remarkable
      Film Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-6cST65Soo

      Saturday, September 21st at 7:00pm
      Studio 106
      San Diego Reader Building
      2323 Broadway
      San Diego, CA 92102

      Admission is FREE, and popcorn is provided (you can bring snacks or drinks
      to share).

      Please RSVP to Gerry Williams (filmist "-at-" mac.com) as seating is

      For more information, please visit: