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169December SDVSF Movie Selection Poll

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  • Gerry Williams
    Nov 17 11:52 AM
      December SDVSF Movie Selection Poll

      Please pick two (but we¹ll only show one) for December 15th.

      Paul Krenner, an ex-major with delusions of grandeur, has forced scientist
      Peter Ulof to develop a radiation-based technique to turn men invisible,
      with which process he plans to create an invisible army to sell to the
      highest bidder. He busts safecracker Joey Faust out of prison and forces him
      to undergo the invisibility treatment so he can steal more radium to further
      the experimentation. Plans go awry when Faust discovers there is a
      side-effect to the invisibility treatments he didn't count on.

      INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN (1956) 70m
      "Butcher" Benton goes to his death in the state prison, cursing the three
      men who double-crossed him following an armored-car hold-up; "Squeamy"
      Ellis, Joe Marcelli and Paul Lowe, his attorney and leader of the gang. He
      vows to return and kill them and dies without revealing the location of the
      stolen money. Detective Chasen is determined to keep working on the case
      until the stolen loot is recovered. Benton's body is taken to Professor
      Bradshaw and his assistant for experimentation, and they manage to restore
      him to life, making him practically indestructible in the process. He takes
      off after the three men, getting rid of everybody who stands in his way. He
      is impervious to police bullets. He kills Ellis and Marcelli, while Lowe
      seeks police protection. Benton takes to the sewers to recover the hidden
      loot and the police are powerless to stop him.

      PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1959) 79m
      In California, an old man grieves the loss of his wife and on the next day
      he also dies. However, the space soldier Eros and her mate Tanna use an
      electric device to resurrect them both and the strong Inspector Clay that
      was murdered by the couple. Their intention is not to conquest Earth but to
      stop mankind from developing the powerful bomb "Solobonite" that would
      threaten the universe. When the population of Hollywood and Washington DC
      sees flying saucers on the sky, a colonel, a police lieutenant, a commercial
      pilot, his wife and a policeman try to stop the aliens.

      A young alien falls for a pretty teenage Earth girl and they team up to try
      to stop the plans of his invading cohorts, who intend to use Earth as a
      food-breeding ground for giant lobsters from their planet. The invaders, who
      arrive in a flying saucer, carry deadly ray guns that turn Earth-people into

      In 2020, after the colonization of the moon, the spaceships Vega, Sirius and
      Capella are launched from Lunar Station 7. They are to explore Venus under
      the command of Professor Hartman, but an asteroid collides and explodes
      Capella. The leader ship Vega stays orbiting and sends the astronauts Kern
      and Sherman with the robot John to the surface of Venus, but they
      haveproblems with communication with Dr. Marsha Evans in Vega. The Sirius
      lands in Venus and Commander Brendan Lockhart, Andre Ferneau and Hans Walter
      explore the planet and are attacked by prehistoric animals. They use a
      vehicle to seek Kern and Sherman while collecting samples from the planet.
      Meanwhile John helps the two cosmonauts to survive in the hostile land.

      Remember TONIGHT we'll be screening:

      San Diego Vintage Sci-Fi
      Saturday, November 17, 2012
      7:00PM - 11:00PM (approx)

      (USA, 1954) 127 minutes

      "The oceans during the late 1860-90s are no longer safe; many ships have
      been lost. Sailors have returned to port with stories of a vicious narwhal
      (a giant whale with a long horn) which sinks their ships. A naturalist,
      Professor Pierre Aronnax, his assistant, Conseil, and a professional whaler,
      Ned Land, join an US expedition which attempts to unravel the mystery."

      Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhyuey4xU3Q

      Also Showing:

      Georges Melies production of
      LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE (A Trip to the Moon)
      (France, 1902) 14 minutes

      "A group of scientists travel to the moon by being shot in a capsule
      from a giant cannon. They are captured by moon-men, escape, and return to
      the earth."

      Showtime is 7:00pm at a new location:
      Brittany Room <http://www.towncountry.com/flash/floorplans.html>
      (middle of hotel in far right/east building, second room from top)
      Town and Country Resort & Conference Center
      500 Hotel Circle North € San Diego, CA 92108
      Map & Directions:
      Parking at Hotel for this event is $2.00, or free parking at the
      Fashion Valley Transit Center to the north across the bridge.

      Admission is FREE, and popcorn is provided (you can bring snacks or drinks
      to share).

      For more information, visit: http://sdvsf.org/



      Gerry Williams
      Director/Director of Photography
      Film - Video - Photography
      Studio 106 - The Art Union Building
      2323 Broadway - San Diego, CA 92102
      619.RAD.FILM (619.723.3456)
      "Living on Earth is expensive, but it includes a free trip around the sun."