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Monday 7 Jan Pearl Harbor Vet Ft Rosecrans Memorial Service

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  • Jim Ostrich
    ... Thanks to those you RSVP d. Jim ... Jim Ostrich (858) 651 3031 Here is the final brief. I think we have 4 drivers and vehicles attending. Lets meet at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2008
      Here is the final brief.  I think we have 4 drivers and vehicles attending.  Lets meet at the Office building on the Right hand side of the road at 1330.

      Thanks to those you RSVP'd.


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      Subject: RE: FW: Ft Rosecrans Memorial Service
      Hi Jim-
      I just spoke with the Funeral Home and the main contact at Fort Rosecrans.  Here’s what I have:
      ·         Ceremony starts at 2:00PM sharp on January 7th.
      ·         People and vehicles should meet at the Fort Rosecrans office at 1:30PM.  (this is not the house at Fort Rosecrans located on the left side of the cemetery, as you head to the light house, but rather to the right.  In fact I believe it is the first right into the cemetery)
      ·         At 2:00PM a Fort Rosecrans vehicle will lead the procession from the Fort Rosecrans Office across the street to where the ceremony will be.  This will be approximately ½ to ¾ of a mile from the office.  I will be speaking with the immediate family of Wayne Baker to determine if members of the family might want to ride in the Military Jeeps from the Office to the gazebo.  This may also be determined at 1:30 when people arrive at the office.
      ·         The ceremony will be conducted at a Gazebo and there will be parking for approximately 25 vehicles in that area.  I get the impression this is right off a narrow road within the cemetery.  Ideally I would like to have your Jeeps have prime parking in that area right near the gazebo.
      ·         There will be approximately 7 Honor Guard at the service to fire a salute and present the American flag.
      ·         Once at the gazebo the service will last approximately 20 minutes before the Urn is taken to the place of internment.  Once the Urn is handed back to the Fort Rosecrans staff the ceremony will be over.  People will not be able to see the internment or participate in that so this in total is a short service.
      Other Details:
      ·         Name of the deceased is Wayne Baker (US Navy Pearl Harbor Survivor of the USS Utah)
      ·         Name of the daughter is Margie Moen
      ·         My wife, Wayne’s  grand-daughter, is Cassie Wilson.  Her cell is (512-417-1702)
      ·         Name of the main contact at Fort Rosecrans is Scott.  His number is (619-553-2084)
      ·         Name of the main contact at Balboa Funeral Home is Kathlene Kerrigan.  Her number is (619-563-8810)
      If you have any questions Jim please call me at 512-417-0808.  I will not be at the service but I am assisting with this portion of the coordination.  Thank you so much!!!
      Best Regards,
      Matt Wilson-

      Jim Ostrich
      (858) 651 3031

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