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FW: Religious Organizations and HIV

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  • Glenn Brown
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      Subject: Religious Organizations and HIV

      [NEW] Religious Organizations and HIV
      WHO: Faith-Based and community-based organizations, for-profit or
      non-profit organizations, universities, hospitals, and laboratories; and
      units of Federal, State and local governments.
      WHAT: To examine the extent and nature of religious organizations'
      involvement in HIV-related activities, the factors that influence such
      involvement and its effectiveness. The focus is on religious
      organizations or congregations such as churches, synagogues or mosques.
      Faith-based organizations -- i.e., those supported by or tied to
      religious organizations, but not directly providing religious services
      -- may be involved in the research, but are not the focus of the
      Relevant research questions include, but are not limited to:
      o To what extent are religious organizations involved in activities
      related to HIV prevention and care?
      o How do the structures and function of individual religious
      organizations influence whether they become involved in HIV-related
      activities and the specific roles they play?
      o To what extent is a religious organization's involvement in
      HIV-related activities related to the personal experience, vision, or
      ability of specific leaders and to what extent does it result from
      organizational characteristics?
      o What are the mechanisms through which religious organizations
      influence HIV risk and protective behaviors?
      o Do the teachings, norms, structure, and operation of religious
      organizations in particular communities influence community rates of
      HIV-related behavior?
      WHEN: Applications are due September 1, 2004.
      CONTACT: To view the program announcment, head to
      <http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-04-115.html>. For grants
      management questions, please contact Annette Hanopole at (301) 402-0915
      or email hanopola@... <mailto:hanopola@...>. For
      questions regarding scientific/research issues, please contact Susan
      Newcomer at (301)
      496-0962 or email Snewcomer@... <mailto:Snewcomer@...>.

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