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      Subject: SfAA 2005 -- Sante Fe News

      The 65th Annual Meeting of the Society will convene in Santa Fe, New
      Mexico, April 5-10, 2005. This note will summarize some basic
      information that you will need to pre-register and participate in the

      Hotels. The La Fonda Hotel will host the meeting. The Society will also
      reserve a block of rooms at several other hotels in Santa Fe. The list
      of hotels and room rates will be posted on the web page at the end of

      Transportation. The Society has arranged contracts with air carriers
      who promise to provide the maximum discounts to registrants who are
      attending our meeting in Santa Fe. That information will be on the web
      page at the end of this month. The SfAA Office will also provide
      detailed information on the various options for ground transportation
      from the Albuquerque Airport to Santa Fe. See the web page in early

      Program Submissions. The customary deadline for paper and session
      abstracts is October 15. However, we expect that the
      attendance/participation at this meeting will exceed the previous
      records. It is important, therefore, that you submit your
      pre-registration and abstracts as early as possible. The SfAA Office
      has already received some abstracts. Submissions are encouraged in all
      areas of interest to appliedanthropologists and other social
      scientists, as well as submissions that are specific to the program
      theme of "Heritage, Environment & Tourism."

      Tours. A variety of tours are being planned for the meeting. These
      range from the conventional tour (for example, Bandelier National
      Monument) to several information-intensive events which will actually
      be seminar/tours (the Native art vendors under the portal of the
      Governor's Palace, for example). A complete list of the tours and
      registration information will be available in the second week in

      Highlights. The Program Committee is exploring several interesting
      additions to the Santa Fe Program. There will be a plenary session
      (co-sponsored by the School of American Research) on "repatriation". In
      addition, we hope to schedule an open forum on certain NAGPRA
      regulations that are being considered. We plan on involving the
      community in our meetings to as great an extent as possible, and hope
      to open parts of the meeting to the general public.

      Local Attractions. Santa Fe has a large number of museums and we plan
      to arrange for discounted entry fees for our meeting registrants. We
      also hope to arrange a "gallery walk" - several prominent arts/crafts
      galleries will remain open one evening and host a complimentary
      wine/cheese for our registrants.

      Receptions. The University of New Mexico will host the welcome
      reception on Wednesday evening. We will be entertained by a Mariachi
      Band from the New Mexico Highlands University. The School of American
      Research will host a reception on Thursday evening, following the
      plenary session dealing with "repatriation". The Santa Fe Convention
      Bureau will host a reception on Friday evening, following the Awards
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