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RE: [SCOPA] FW: Sunday, June 13 story on Tampa Heights in Tribune

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  • Erin Budde
    I want the link to the Sunday, June 13 story on Tampa Heights in MetroHi All, I was so happy to see a link to the Robles Park story that ran in the Tribune
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 14, 2004
      I want the link to the Sunday, June 13 story on Tampa Heights in Metro
      Hi All,
      I was so happy to see a link to the Robles Park story that ran in the Tribune published on the SCOPA list serve!  I work for the Mayor's Beautification Program (MBP), a non-governmental, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization here in Tampa.  Tampa's Greenprinting Initiative is our latest project - and is a great example of Applied Anthropology and grassroots community development being applied locally to help improve inner city neighborhoods.
      Tampa Heights is the second of 10 inner-city neighborhoods that MBP is working with to use the revitalization of one of their public parks as a classroom to build neighborhood residents' capacity for community redevelopment.  Through an 18-24 month process, residents participate in and learn how to implement asset identification, needs assessment, public participation processes, planning, fundraising, collaboration and volunteer recruitment skills.  At the end of the process, the neighborhood has a high quality park (each anticipated to cost a minimum of $500,000), and a core group of neighborhood residents have a set of skills to apply to other neighborhood re-development issues they have identified, as well as the confidence that comes with a project successfully implemented.
      In Tampa Heights, MBP partnered with many USF Departments to engage professors and students in working with neighborhood residents on various aspects of the process.  Maya Harper, a Master student in the Applied Anthropology program worked under Dr Susan Greenbaum's guidance on the needs assessment and public participation components; Dr. Trent Green from the School of Architecture and Community Design (SACD) led a charette with neighborhood residents, professional park planners and SACD students for the conceptual planning phase for park improvements; undergraduate students from Dr. Janna Jones' Communications Department's service-learning class also assisted in the needs assessment and resident input processes.  Their participation greatly enhanced the development of the Greenprinting Model, which will be applied to 8 other neighborhoods in the coming year.
      I've attached a PDF copy of the document that we are using to guide our efforts - we update it annually to incorporate lessons learned along the way.  We welcome any input, advice or participation from any of you in the project.

      Erin Budde
      Executive Director
      Mayor's Beautification Program
      PO Box 2104
      Tampa, FL  33601
      phone - (813) 221-8733
      fax - (813) 221-0222

      MBP is now on the World Wide Web - check us out at www.mbptree.org.

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      Subject: [SCOPA] FW: Sunday, June 13 story on Tampa Heights in Tribune


      From: Dan Casseday
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      Subject: Sunday, June 13 story on Tampa Heights in Tribune

      for your information and anyone else who might be interested

      Sunday June 13, 2004

      Section METRO

      Page 1

      Tampa Heights Pins Hopes To Rehab Of Robles Park


      By TED BYRD


      TAMPA — It's still a ways off, but Tampa Heights residents are excited about plans to upgrade Robles Park with shaded picnic areas, a boardwalk crossing the pond, a water mister and playgrounds.

      The plan is the latest initiative in an ongoing effort by Tampa Heights residents to redevelop the community along the lines of Hyde Park or Seminole Heights.

      Tampa Heights, a mix of old Victorians and bungalows mostly built in the early 1900s, fell out of favor like many city neighborhoods when suburban development started in the 1960s and '70s.

      Today, Tampa Heights has a racially diverse mix of older residents and young families looking for a fixer-upper. Many windows are still barred, though, and the homeless population is a lingering problem.

      Robles Park is on the neighborhood's eastern edge but could be a central component in the area's improvement. The effort to better the park fits right in with Mayor Pam Iorio's focus on neighborhoods.

      "It's our priority to make the center part of the city better," Iorio said Saturday at the plan's unveiling.

      The Robles Park plan was put together as a joint operation of the Mayor's Beautification Program, the University of South Florida and the city's Parks and Recreation Department — all working in concert with community leaders.

      After holding focus groups and neighborhood meetings, a landscape architecture firm donated the conceptual drawings.

      The plan unveiling was part of a larger Greenprinting Festival at the park Saturday, an event designed to remind residents of its potential, said Jennifer Sterling, who works with the beautification program. The Greenprinting program is an effort to rehabilitate 10 inner city parks and is a partnership between the Mayor's Beautification Program and the F.E. Lykes Foundation.

      The beautification program is a nonprofit community effort started in 1989. It is funded by donations and grants and has spent more than $16 million on projects.

      Under the Robles plan, decorative sidewalks would ring the park's pond, and there would be extensive shaded picnic areas.

      Several playgrounds are planned, including one that features a fountain for children to cool off in.

      The boardwalk across the pond is a key design feature.

      "We want people to interact with the water," said John Haas of LandDesign, a Harbour Island landscape design company that put the plan together.

      The cost of making the plan a reality? About $500,000.

      Some of that might come from the city, some from other grants. Some the community will have to raise. "This is one of Tampa's most beautiful parks," said Mary Hernandez, president of the Tampa Heights Civic Association. "Obviously, there is going to have to be some major fundraising."

      Those involved hope to break ground early next year.

      "We think we're going to be successful getting the funds," said Nina Young-Green, a former civic association president.

      Tampa Heights was the first of the city's communities to adopt a development plan, a general guide to how residents want their area to look.

      The community is slowly putting that plan into play, Young-Green said.

      Reporter Ted Byrd can be reached at (813) 259-7679.

      Copyright © 2004, The Tampa Tribune and may not be republished without permission. E-mail library@...

      Photo Caption: Tribune map
      Robles Park

      Tribune photo by GREG FIGHT
      Tampa Parks and Recreation workers Robert Davis, left, and Oscar Willis grill hotdogs for the Greenprinting Festival at Robles Park. The parks department is working with the Mayor's Beautification Program on Robles Park.

      The new park will feature sidewalks surrounding the pond and a boardwalk.

      Tribune photo by GREG FIGHT
      Lamar Kelly, 9, enjoys a snow cone and cotton candy at Robles Park Saturday. The park's plan includes a children's fountain.

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      Subject: FW: I want the link to the Sunday, June 13 story on Tampa Heights in Metro

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      From: Dan Casseday [mailto:dcasseday@...]
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      Subject: I want the link to the Sunday, June 13 story on Tampa Heights in Metro


      The Monday, June 14 Trib website does NOT list for Sunday, June 13, June 13'ths Metro stories but instead the Monday, June 14 Metro stories.  I would like the direct link to the Tampa Heights/Robles Park story, since today is only one day since the story was published.

      Thank you!

      Daniel R. Casseday
      Tampa Hillsborough Integrated Network for Kids (THINK) Marketing and Information Coordinator
      Children's Board of Hillsborough County
      New Direct phone line - 813/204-1757
      (USF e-mail:  DCasseday@...)

      "Children are one-third of our population and all of our future."---Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health, 1981

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