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FW: REQUEST FOR INFORMATION on Collaborative Research

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    ... From: Society for Urban Anthropology [mailto:URBANTH-L@YORKU.CA] On Behalf Of Louise Lamphere Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 1:29 AM To: URBANTH-L@YORKU.CA
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      From: Society for Urban Anthropology [mailto:URBANTH-L@...] On Behalf
      Of Louise Lamphere
      Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 1:29 AM
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      Subject: Re: REQUEST FOR INFORMATION on Collaborative Research

      Message from Louise Lamphere, University of New Mexico

      I am currently writing a paper for Human Organization entitled
      "The Convergence of Applied, Practicing and Public Anthropology in the 21st
      Century." It will be published in HUMAN ORGANIZATION as part of a special
      section of papers on "The Future Lies Ahead: Applied Anthropology in the
      Century XXI." I am looking examples of research projects that are:

      (1) collaborative (i.e. engage with members of the
      communities/groups being studied to formulate a study, help carry it out
      and feed back the results to participants),

      (2) include some attempt to reach out to the public with
      information/results about the project (e.g. through museum exhibits, public
      presentations, videos, etc), and/or

      (3) work toward changing or implementing public policy.

      I am interested in examples from all four sub-fields, but would,
      of course, like extensive examples from cultural/social anthropology. It is
      easy to find collaborative projects among those who consider themselves
      applied/practicing anthropologists. But I would like more examples of
      projects by cultural anthropologists who would not ordinarily call
      themselves applied or practicing anthropologists. If you are involved in
      collaborative research, outreach efforts, or activities to implement or
      change public policy in an area, please E-mail me with copies of articles,
      research reports or web-sites or just a summary of what you are doing.

      Thanks so much for your help.

      Louise Lamphere
      Distinguished Professor University of New Mexico
      1999-2001 President of the American Anthropological Association.
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