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    Alayne, I have to go to the Child Abuse Council (I have a contract with them) so I will miss todays FICS meeting despite having actually gotten it onto my
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      I have to go to the Child Abuse Council (I have a contract with them) so I will miss todays FICS meeting despite having actually gotten it onto my calendar today (I'm sorry Alayne!  I actually thought I was going to make it there this time.)  But we are Ybor neighbors and perhaps could make a more concerted effort to meet if there is serious interest in this project.


      Alayne's offer to work under her umbrella is pretty nice and unless I am misunderstanding her, she is simply saying she couldn't be the PI but is offering to provide the 501 (c) 3 structure to run a good community project through.  I know Susan and Cheryl both have pretty full plates (really, I had lunch with them just the other day at a soul food restaurant in the Springs and the plates were filled ...) but I sure they would also provide some support if there is a well designed project (I would guess Alvin would probably be kind enough to help in some way as well, but I'll let him speak for himself).

      It does seem that there could be some natural connection to an Active Living Grant and all this Civitas Stuff (and perhaps that is where Susan and Cheryl would have some interest -- they have some excellent relationships with some of the residents and Susan has been contacted by some of the City staff) but I am not floating in the circles of influence in regard to what is happening with that project.  

      I guess we should all do a little more talking and consider meeting.  Certainly we probably should take a closer look at the RWJ RFP.

      There is my 3 cents.



      Alayne Unterberger <alayne@...> wrote:
      I would suggest that you really read the RWJ RFA to figure out who should be involved.  I'll be at the CBHC today, Glenn @ our Proyecto Prevencion meeting if you want to chat briefly.

      At 09:58 AM 4/22/2004 -0400, you wrote:

             Sounds from here that we will need more than the two of us to apply for the grant. How about Susan Greenbaum or Cheryl Rodriquez or other SCOPA members. Likely, neither of us have time for unrewarded good intentions. We will need the support of some nonprofit institution and people willing to get into the neighborhood to get their fingernails dirty.
             If you could get the lay of the land over there in Tampa, I'd appreciate it. I would be available for more Ybor City meetings and I would certainly participate in the on the ground and background research. I live about an hour away from Central Park though here in SW Orlando.


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