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  • Glenn Brown
    From: Jason Lind [mailto:jasonlindo@gmail.com] Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2013 10:51 PM To: Alex Costley; boulange@mesastate.edu; Carla Guerron Montero;
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      From: Jason Lind [mailto:jasonlindo@...]
      Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2013 10:51 PM
      To: Alex Costley; boulange@...; Carla Guerron Montero; cwasson@...; epinsker@...; Gillian Grebler; Glenn Brown; jasonroberthodges@...; Jim Mullooly; jstansbu@...; k.lambert-pennington@...; Kathleen Sherman Browne; Katy Moran; kbrondo@...; Kim Koester; Mario Longoni; Sean Ryan; Ted Green; Victor Garcia; WAPA President; wapa.newsletter@...
      Subject: NAPA LPO's


      Hello NAPA LPO Leaders,

      I would like to introduce my self, I'm Jason Lind, the new volunteer coordinator/LPO liaison for NAPA. I believe that some of you may have received a message from the outgoing volunteer coordinator Ellen Puccia about this transition. I am excited to be the new NAPA volunteer coordinator and I hope that I can be of service to your local LPO in the future.  

      I just wanted to touch base with the people that, as far as I know, are involved in one way or another with your local LPO. I know that some of the LPO's out there are active, while other are not active.

      In light of the fact that I am new to the position, I would like to request your feedback as to the status of the LPO that you are currently involved. If you could provide any of the following information it would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Updated contact information for the president of your local LPO
      2. Whether your LPO is currently active or inactive.
      3. The approximate number of members in your LPO
      4. Any updated Facebook, Linkedin, or other LPO Page info
      5. Suggestions/Recommendations 

      Finally, NAPA is going to have a table at the SfAA conference in Denver from March 19th-23rd. Please ask someone to drop off flyers or brochures that describe your LPO for us to hand out at the NAPA/LPO table so people will know who to contact, etc. You can also e-mail a flyer to me, Jason Lind - jasonlindo@... at any time before the meeting.

      Once I get some feedback I will send out more information about the NAPA table in Denver and a schedule in case any of you would like to volunteer at the NAPA table. 

      Thanks for your interest in NAPA and I look forward to working with you all in the future.

      Take care and all the best!


      Jason Lind, PhD, MPH
      NAPA Volunteer Coordinator and LPO Liaison
      Tampa, FL


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