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SfAA Call For Papers

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    Dear Colleagues, Please publicize the following on your website, distribute to listserves, and/or forward to your publications editor for newsletters, etc.
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      Dear Colleagues,

      Please publicize the following on your website, distribute to listserves, and/or forward to your publications editor for newsletters, etc.

      The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) invites abstracts (sessions, papers and posters) for the Program of the 72nd Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD, March 27-31, 2012.  The theme of the Program is “Bays, Boundaries, and Borders.”

      The Society is a multi-disciplinary association that focuses on problem definition and resolution.  We welcome papers from all disciplines.  The deadline for abstract submission is October 15, 2011.  For additional information on the theme, abstract size/format, and the meeting, please visit our web page (www.sfaa.net, click on “Annual Meeting”).
      If you have a webpage for links, please add the following:
      The Society for Applied Anthropology is pleased to announce our 72nd Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD, March 27-31, 2012.  For meeting information visit http://www.sfaa.net/sfaa2012.html
      Please contact me if you have any questions.
      Melissa Cope
      Society for Applied Anthropology
      PO Box 2436
      Oklahoma City, OK  73101
      405-843-8553 (fax)

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