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FW: The Urban Charrette - ECO.lution has Arrived!

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  • Glenn Brown
    From: The Urban Charrette [mailto:info@urbancharrette.org] Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 2:30 PM To: Glenn Brown Subject: The Urban Charrette - ECO.lution has
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      From: The Urban Charrette [mailto:info@...]
      Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 2:30 PM
      To: Glenn Brown
      Subject: The Urban Charrette - ECO.lution has Arrived!


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      The Urban Charrette – ECO.lution is HERE!!

      Upcoming Events This Newsletter Contains Information on the Following Events:

      • ECO.lution Call for Volunteers!
      • ECO.expo  • March 25th 6pm-9pm • FREE ENTRY WITH RSVP EXTENDED THROUGH TUESDAY AT 5PM!!
      • ECO.festival    March 27th 11am-9pm LEARN HOW TO MAKE CONNECTIONS IN THE DESIGN DISTRICT!
      • Paint the Town Green    April 2nd 6pm-10pm  LEARN HOW TO WIN FREE TICKETS!!
      • Learn about the ECO.lution Focus Districts

      ECO.lution 2010 – Starts on March 25th –

      Visit www.ecolutiontampa.com


      ECO.lution 2010 is fast approaching, and we need your help to make it a success. Please check out the volunteer page or email Evan Johnson (evan@...), to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

      ECO.lution is an annual series of community focused interactive events designed to encourage the citizens of Tampa to make sustainable choices.   As a community, Tampa’s identity can be found in its artistic flavor, sense of entrepreneurship, natural beauty, and built environment.  The theme of ECO.lution 2010 is Return to Local, and the event is an invitation to the community to experience how these fundamental features work to define Tampa as a place, and how they are the keys to making it more sustainable. 


      Eco.expo is an architecture and interior design trade show featuring green and sustainable products. The event is held at the historic Ritz Theatre in Ybor City (1503 E. 7th Avenue). Event is free with RSVP, or $5.00 at the door.

      ECO.festival – March 27th 11am-9pm

      ECO.festival is a Downtown street festival that includes exciting live music, local food, spirits, green products and educational seminars. This year the festival has joined with the Tampa Twilight Criterium (www.tampacrit.com) to create an entertaining and educational event.


      Calling all LOCAL designers: EXPOSE YOURSELF!!


      The Urban Charrette would like to invite local designers to showcase their talents and conceptual projects at ECO.lution|festival on March 27, 2010 from 11am – 8pm in the streets of downtown Tampa. Inside our Neighborhoods and Built Environment district we have created an area for local designers to showcase their talents called the Design District.  The design district is open to any individual interior designer, AIA architect, associate AIA, Landscape architect, or Architecture graduate student.  Individuals may present a board (1) of their work (either 24X36 or 11X17) and/or bring their portfolio to share with the public and potential employers.  Learn More by visiting the Neighborhood District Website.

      Paint the Town Green – April 2nd 6pm-10pm

      Paint the Town Green is a fun and inspiring restaurant and bar hop utilizing Tampa’s public transit system. The event includes stops in Downtown Tampa, the Channel District, and Ybor City.




      OPTION 1 - The first person to post a picture to our ECO.lution FACEBOOK PAGE of a HART bus with our ECO.lution advertisement on it will win 2 free tickets to Paint the Town Green!


      OPTION 2 - the first person to post a picture of our ECO.lution billboard to the ECO.lution FACEBOOK PAGE will receive 1 free ticket to Paint the Town Green.


      ECO.lution 2010 Focus Districts

      Building on the goals developed by the Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) for the city of Tampa, the Urban Charrette is working to re-connect Tampa both physically and through its diverse organizations. 


      Community Building Through the Arts

      Goal: To support programs which sustain and encourage local artists or art programs across various forms. These programs help Tampa develop its identity and authenticity, foster community spirit and express its cultural heritage so that they may serve as magnets that hold the city together. The Community Building through the Arts district will feature organizations and businesses within the community that express Tampa’s cultural and artistic flavor.



      Goal: To assist in completing a goal of the comprehensive plan which intends to link the three primary city districts of USF, downtown and Westshore through an efficient light rail system.  We will also be continuing to work with key organizations to complete the high-speed rail project and improve our existing infrastructure with the development of an inclusive multi-modal transit system.The Transit district will feature organizations that directly impact Tampa’s transportation needs.


      Natural Assets and Public Space

      Goal: To continue our work with local organizations and city leaders to develop, improve and promote great public spaces in and around Tampa.  We also intend to help foster awareness about the Hillsborough River and its importance to Tampa’s ecology, economy and increasing its accessibility to the public. The Natural Assets district features organizations and businesses within the community that are engaged in the restoration and maintenance of Tampa’s ecological resources.


      Local Economy

      Goal: To encourage local businesses to join organizations so that they may have a louder voice in Tampa.  Working with local organizations we plan to support new, creative businesses and help identify what industries will come to define Tampa’s future economy.Tampa’s entrepreneurs will be on display within this district through a showcase of various local independent businesses that are committed to providing innovative products, personal service and unique experiences for our community.




      Goal: To strengthen Tampa’s diverse neighborhoods by helping neighborhood organizations increase membership and thus amplify their voices in local government.  We will provide the knowledge and tools for these organizations to make meaningful and lasting physical improvements.  We will encourage the city to help neighborhoods develop community plans through Form Based Code to encourage appropriate growth where it is most needed. Within our upcoming neighborhood studios the Urban Charrette will be promoting community arts, transit and our natural assets within our neighborhoods. This Neighborhoods district will allow you to see how our community is defined through its neighborhoods, iconic buildings and public spaces. Featured in this section are neighborhood associations and professional organizations related to architecture, urban planning, construction and engineering.




      Upcoming Events


      ECO.expo - March 25th


      ECO.festival - March 27th


      Paint the Town Green - April 2nd


      Learn about the ECO.lution Focus Districts 



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