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FW: understanding "The Poverty Paradox"

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  • Glenn Brown
    Please send any constructive feedback to Edward Dodson (ejdodson@comcast.net ). From: bounce-4872703-8121152@list.cornell.edu
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      Please send any constructive feedback to Edward Dodson (ejdodson@... ). 


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      Subject: A new tool for understanding "The Poverty Paradox"


      To all --


      I have just completed a minor project some on this list might find of interest.


      For many years now, I have been teaching political economy based on the analysis provided by Henry George in his works. When Henry George wrote, he took for granted that most of his targeted audience would have some familiarity with history and the writings of his contemporaries and predecessors. Whether this was the case regarding the reading audience during the late 19th century, it is certainly not the case today.


      To overcome this shortcoming, I have tried to put together a cohesive story of how societies settled, organized and lost their communitarian (i.e., community-oriented) structure and became dominated by hierarchies. A study of history reveals very clearly that with hierarchy societies experience the permanent presence of poverty.


      Although there have always been individuals who fought for justice in their societies, a critical mass of momentum for change was reached during the late 19th century, but with very mixed results, leaving us today with a world where for at least one-fifth of the population there is little or no hope of rising out of poverty.


      This is the story I have tried to tell. The Powerpoint can be viewed and listened to at www.authorstream.com.


      From the www.authorstream.com home page, there is a button when you scroll down that says "browse". Hit that button, then put "Henry George" in the search bar that shows up. Only my two powerpoints show up. Dougle-click on the small image and the Powerpoint opens up. Click on the arrow at the center, then start the presentation by hitting the down arrow on your keyboard.


      That should get it started on its own and it will continue. For some reason the narration on slides 11 and 12 do not play, but after that its plays fine.


      Any comments or reactions will be welcomed and appreciated.


      We have come through yet another very difficult year, and the prospect for resolving (or even mitigating) any of our major challenges seems remote. But, as the saying goes, unless we develop a sound understanding of the past, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.


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