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FW: Reminder: 2010-2011 Harkness Fellowships Open to Applicants

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  • Glenn Brown
    From: The Commonwealth Fund [mailto:commonwealthfund@cmwf.org] Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 1:41 PM To: Glenn Brown Subject: Reminder: 2010-2011 Harkness
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      From: The Commonwealth Fund [mailto:commonwealthfund@...]
      Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 1:41 PM
      To: Glenn Brown
      Subject: Reminder: 2010-2011 Harkness Fellowships Open to Applicants


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      Reminder: 2010-2011 Harkness Fellowships Open to Applicants

      The 2010-11 Harkness Fellowships are open to applicants from Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
      The deadline for receipt of applications is
      September 15, 2009.

      The Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice provide a unique opportunity for mid-career professionals—academic researchers, government policymakers, clinicians, managers, and journalists—to spend up to 12 months in the United States conducting a policy-oriented research study, working with leading U.S. health policy experts, and gaining in-depth knowledge of not only the U.S. health care system, but also the health care systems in the fellows' home countries. Fellows also participate in a Fund-organized series of policy and leadership seminars held throughout the year with U.S. health care leaders in government, politics, health care organizations, and academia.

      Applicants must demonstrate a strong interest in health policy issues and propose a study that falls within the scope of the Fund's mission to support a high-performing health care system, which includes improving health insurance coverage and access, and the quality and efficiency of health care services. A peer-reviewed journal article or policy report for health ministers and other high-level policy audiences is the anticipated product of the fellowship. Harkness Fellows have published their findings in leading journals, including: BMJ, Health Affairs, Health Policy, International Journal for Quality in Health Care, New England Journal of Medicine, and Quality and Safety in Health Care.

      Each fellowship provides up to $107,000 (U.S.) in support. A supplemental allowance is provided to fellows accompanied by families.

      For details and the application form, please visit http://www.commonwealthfund.org/Fellowships/Harkness-Fellowships.aspx. For further questions, contact Robin Osborn, vice president and director of the International Program in Health Policy and Practice (Email: ro@...).


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