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FW: LPO table at SfAA

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  • Glenn Brown
    From: Terry Redding [mailto:terrymredding@yahoo.com] Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 5:43 PM To: npgreenman@juno.com; pebeverly@uhinc.org;
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      From: Terry Redding [mailto:terrymredding@...]
      Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 5:43 PM
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      Cc: William C Roberts; Rebecca Severson
      Subject: LPO table at SfAA


      Hello LPO folks:

      (Bill and Rebecca, please forward this to anyone I might have missed.)

      I hope you all are well and that your LPOs are doing fine. Bill tells me that SfAA will provide an LPO display table at the upcoming meeting (next week) in Santa Fe.  I just learned that I will in fact be going to SfAA and have volunteered to help Bill set up the table.

      So, here I am again, asking you to 1. provide volunteers to help staff the table for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and 2. to drop off any promotional and membership materials at the booth. SfAA is "our audience" and thus a great forum to recruit members (something we can all use!).

      Please forward this message to your members ASAP and ask them to reply to me with a time when they can be at the table for an hour or two.

      Having just returned from India I will tell you that your efforts will be richly rewarded in a future life...

      Thanks for your help. If you have no one to bring flyers etc to Santa Fe, email me something and I'll try to get it printed out and on the table.



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