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anthro involved in political hankypanky

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  • Wolfe, Alvin
    At http://www.motherjones.com/news/feature/2008/07/mary-mcfate-sapone-gun-l obby-nra-spy.html you can read the whole Mother Jones article by James Ridgeway,
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      you can read the whole Mother Jones article by James Ridgeway, Daniel Schulman, and David Corn (good investigative reporters) about the involvement of an anthropologist (Montgomery McFate) who has worked for years with her mother-in-law, Mary Lou Sapone, aka Mary McFate, a mole paid by the NRA within the whole network of gun control activists. McFate is also among those anthropologists mentioned by Roberto Gonzales in AN March 2007 as a consultant to the Defense Department relevant to torture and counterinsurgency.  Now a top Pentagon adviser, Montgomery McFate also contributed to the Army's Counterinsurgency Field Manual drafted under the guidance of General David Petraeus.
      Many issues important to us are entangled in this web.  You must read this Mother Jones article (and the AN of March 2007).

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