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  • E.J. Ford
    Hello! I m E.J. Ford and I have a practical problem in urban politics that may be of interest. I m an anthropologist. That s not the problem. I m running for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2008
      Hello! I'm E.J. Ford and I have a practical problem in urban politics that
      may be of interest.

      I'm an anthropologist. That's not the problem.

      I'm running for office - State Representative, District 60 in Florida.
      That's not the problem, though it is problematic.

      The problem is that I'm up against a guy who is a doctor. He's heavily -
      and I mean HEAVILY - supported here in Florida by the medical lobby and by,
      not surprisingly, doctors.

      I do have a suggested solution to this problem and I hope you will help me
      with it.

      Give me five to ten dollars. I know that's a lot for anthropologists, but
      hear me out.

      Here's how I figure it: if there are 1,000 anthropologists and each of them
      give me $5, that's a campaign mailing, with literature, to many of the
      residents of my district. If I raise more, that's yard signs, and political
      literature. 1000 is a lot of people, but surely there must be thousands of
      anthropologists around the country. Surely each can afford $5.

      I'm not asking for much and I realize that I may be offending some of you by
      bringing this explicitly political matter into these rarified academic airs.
      However, I think that you may agree that, just as lawyers and doctors are
      disproportionately represented in the political world, it's time for Big
      ANTHROPOLOGY to have a real voice in Florida politics.

      You can find out more about my campaign at the website below. Or, you can
      just mail a $5 check to that address below. Make the check out to the "E.J.
      Ford Campaign".

      Every donation will garner a thank you card!

      C'mon. $5? You can spare it. And if enough of us can spare it, this
      campaign may yet surprise a lot of people.

      Please feel free to pass this along to your anthro-buddies on other mailing

      E.J. Ford Campaign




      401 Berwick Avenue

      Temple Terrace, FL 33617


      This message is a political advertisement paid for and approved by E.J.
      Ford, Democrat, for State Representative, District 60
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