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  • E.J. Ford
    EJ_Ford_ad(blue)verysmall.jpgeditEJ5small.jpg Hello! My name is E.J. Ford - you may remember me! I m running as a Democrat for State Representative here in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2008

      Hello! My name is E.J. Ford - you may remember me! I'm running as a
      Democrat for State Representative here in District 60, my home, the area
      that includes Lake Magdalene, Lutz, New Tampa, USF, Temple Terrace,
      Thonotosassa, and Mango. Let me tell you why I deserve your support.

      First, I'm qualified for the job. I'm a trained social scientist, an
      anthropologist with a background in politics. I'm a husband and a father
      who sends his kids to Florida schools. I'm a Floridian who has lived in or
      near District 60, my home district, for almost all of my life.

      Second, it's time for a change in the state of Florida. The current
      incumbents went to Tallahassee with a clear mandate to solve the insurance
      crisis, the budget shortfall, the property tax explosion, and a number of
      other problems. And the only lasting memorial to their work was a
      Presidential Primary catastrophe that embarrassed the state and
      disenfranchised Floridians.

      Third, I want to do some things. I want to bring real homeowner's insurance
      reform and real property tax relief to hardworking Floridians. I want to
      protect Floridians: helping law enforcement focus on violent crime and
      building the resources we need to protect our environment. I want to
      protect the rights of Floridians, keeping the state out of our bedrooms,
      churches, and gun cabinets, and keeping the state's hands off of our bodies.
      And, I want to make sure that, unlike my opponent, I'm on the RIGHT side of
      education issues. We need more resources for education, more flexibility in
      how we pay for it, and more local control of curriculum and resource

      I hope you'll join me in this fight. It's going to be a lot of fun.

      In the short run, here's what you can do to help me bring the fight to the
      field. Please tell your friends I'm running! Then, please volunteer and
      help us win this race!

      Then, please make a donation - even ten bucks would help.

      Please help! Just send your check to this address:

      E.J. Ford Campaign

      401 Berwick Avenue

      Temple Terrace, FL 33687

      REMEMBER: Campaign finance law mandates that you include your occupation, as
      well as your home address, with every check. There's also an upper limit of
      $500.00 for contributions to candidates in this race.

      Right now, we need to raise money to qualify for the ballot, so the need
      could not be more urgent. Please help! Even $10 will make it possible for
      us to make a positive change for Florida.

      If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me at
      <mailto:ejford@...> ejford@... or call me at 813-629-9803. We
      need you!

      Thanks for your support. I'll do my best to make you proud.

      EJ Ford


      State Representative, District 60
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