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Re: [SCOPA] RE: Workshop: Creating Practitioners' Network

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    We seem to emerge when there is something to come together about, but we are certainly an amorphous lot. We re juggling careers and families and tend to limit
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 22, 2008
      We seem to emerge when there is something to come together about, but we are certainly an amorphous lot.  We're juggling careers and families and tend to limit our scholarship to internal reports and power points.  I've begun to despise power points. 
      Some of us run across each other at in meetings and might steal a moment to mention an article we've noticed or a brief lecture we've caught at conference as there are a fair number of us in or around the area working in related fields.  These tend to end with vague commitments to get together and glean some lessons learned with an anthropological lens.  And sometimes it does happen.
      Lately, and I can't speak for the group other than to say that I pull these thoughts from a couple of conversations I've had with colleagues from around the country - so it is by no means a representative sample - some of us feel alien to our academic brethren.  A sort of academic hegemony seems to be running through the professional organizations, even SfAA - it has always seemed to be that way with AAA (and as I said, this is not necessarily the opinion or observation of all the SCOPA members - but it is of a few) and frankly, the experience is a sense of hypocrisy.  This is a difficult issue when you have friends and colleagues in academia for whom you also feel a sense of love and respect and look forward to what they may be doing next.   I guess it is like a dysfunctional family sort of dynamic. 
      I think these are difficult times for our academic brethren.  It is certainly always a difficult time for an applied (or practicing if you prefer) anthropologist.  Some of us have joked about breaking away entirely and forming a guild of anthropraxis - but then the joke is finding the time to get together to do it.
      Each of us began life listening to the beat of our mother's hearts.  We follow the rhythms of the rising and setting sun, the seasons (even when they are simply the seasons of hot and hotter), and we pace ourselves to the cadence of our cultural roles and obligations.  We know timing is as critical to ideas as much as it is to anything else in our lives.  This seems to be a time when we don't have the luxury of being dysfunctional.  This seems to be a time when anthropology can actualize some of the positive things it has gathered on human organization over the past hundred fifty years or so and put them to work.  We seem to be at a moment in time where some people may actually try things.
      I guess I am saying, I think we may need more than a workshop - but it's certainly a place to start.  We can easily pass the information along.  Thank you.
      More than two cents and probably should have waited till morning to push the send button.

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      I don't think of SCOPA as dormant.  Rather it is struggling to emerge from a quiet period of some months.  The workshop “Creating Practitioner’s Network” workshop that you’re hosting through NAPA at AAA next week sound like just what our SCOPA people need.

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      Dear Glenn Brown, Ellen Puccia, and Al Wolfe,

                  I’m touching base with people who had at one time been involved in LPOs…. and I realize SCOPA has been dormant, right?

      Are you or anybody you know interested in revival? If so, see below about next week at AAA. If not, just wanted you to know…….

      Terry Redding and I have 20+ people signed up for a “Creating Practitioner’s Network” workshop that we’re hosting through NAPA at AAA next week, and who knows, some of them may be from your area……….

      Let us know if you have a chance….Thanks, Rebecca Severson (NAPA LPO coordinator)




      Hey CAPA: Leader-Leader, who’s the Leader?  Can any of you do any of these things we need done for AAA next week? (CAPA flier, rep at workshop and/or lunch) ……… let me know. We need to make reservations! Thanks, Rebecca


      1 Supply your CAPA flier for the booth.  Drop off  fliers or something that describes CAPA for us to hand out at the LPO-NAPA booth at AAA so people will know who to contact etc. You can leave the fliers at 9am on Thurs Nov 29 at the booth.

      2. Represent CAPA at NAPA-sponsored workshop:  Thurs, Nov 29, 11am-Noon at AAA conference. NAPA is sponsoring a workshop that Terry and I are leading (Creating Practitioner Networks) for those interested in created LPOs in their own areas. It will be Thursday, Nov. 29, from 10 am to noon. We would like to invite a member of each LPO to send a veteran member to the second hour of the workshop (11-noon), in order to talk about practicalities and strategies to attendees about the realities of managing an LPO.
      3. Represent your LPO at LPO luncheon: Thurs, Nov, 29 12noon-2pm, Immediately following the workshop, we will have our annual free LPO luncheon, scheduled for approximately noon to 2 pm. at a nearby restaurant. This will be primarily a social function, where we can informally discuss news and issues. Hopefully some potential new LPO organizers will attend as well. There are several possible venues: anyone for Afghani?

      Please let Terry and me know if you can send a member to the second hour of the workshop, and, if different, who will be representing your LPO at the luncheon. The workshop is free, so you or any members are welcome to attend the entire session.

      Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you!


      Rebecca Severson
      Account Executive
      Qualitative, USA
      Research International
      r.severson@research -int.com
      www.research- int.com

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