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FW: NAPA Call for AAA Annual meeting papers

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      Subject: NAPA Call for AAA Annual meeting papers

      Dear Glenn Brown,

      The 2007 annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association is to be
      held in Washington, DC (November 28-December 2, 2007). The theme of this
      year's meeting is "Difference, (In)equality, & Justice." The full
      description of this theme is posted on AAA website (http://www.aaanet.org/).
      The submission deadline for panels, papers, and posters is March 30th at 5
      pm EST.

      We encourage NAPA members to submit panels to be considered for Invited
      Sessions. If you would like your panel to be considered for Invited Session
      status by NAPA, you need to submit your proposals to me at
      kagillogly@... by Friday, March 2, 2007. Please include the
      following materials: the panel abstract, list of participants and their
      roles, and abstracts from each presenter who will be giving a paper.

      The specific topics that fit within these frames will depend on the
      interests of our membership. We strongly encourage the NAPA membership to
      submit panels to be considered for this Invited Session on the topics of
      cultural diversity. I believe that NAPA members have unique approaches to
      these issues through our practice. We have much to contribute!

      The NAPA Program Committee will make selections for Invited Session status
      on the basis of the strength of the papers and the relevance of the panel to
      the overall theme of the meeting. Note: This only applies to Invited Session
      proposals; all other paper and panel proposals should be submitted to the
      AAA alone.

      The AAA Committee on Minority Issues in Anthropology has invited NAPA to
      create invited sessions in concert with them on issues of cultural
      diversity. These sessions will be joined with CMIA's invited sessions to
      create a total of two double sessions. The first of their interests is a
      session that frames U.S. cultural diversity issues for decision makers and
      opinion makers, facilitating public discourse about cultural diversity. The
      second is a session 2) A session that focuses on generating materials on
      cultural diversity for use in institutional development in colleges and
      universities. Please contact Michael Winkelman, Chair of the CMIA, if you
      are interested in being part of these sessions: michael.winkelman@...

      Here's a list of topics of possible of interest for the NAPA/CMIA double

      No Child Left Behind and its effects on minority students

      Diversity consulting in education

      Health care issues (cultural competence training, lack of funding for
      public/community health that affects marginalized minority populations)

      Using current anthropological concepts of race in applied contexts (since
      general cultural ideas about race differ from the anthropological
      understanding of race)

      How we frame diversity issues for policy and opinion makers

      Environmental justice in applied anthropology

      Diversity in terms of who we are as anthropologists -- how ethnicity of the
      anthropologist and the target population affects communication and
      assessments of the legitimacy of our findings.

      How anthropologists from minority groups address issues of their perceived
      legitimacy as anthropologists and members of marginalized communities.

      Dennis Wiedman, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor
      Department of Sociology and Anthropology, DM 336B Florida International
      University Miami, Florida 33199 Office Phone: 305-348-2262

      Web Page: www.fiu.edu/~wiedmand

      President of NAPA: National Association for the Practice of Anthropology, A
      Section of the American Anthropological Association.


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