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FW: LPO Luncheon Plans

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  • Glenn Brown
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      Subject: LPO Luncheon Plans

      Hello Everyone:

      I have attached a rough agenda with details on our Friday luncheon. If you do not receive the attachment let me know. As you can see we are on a very tight schedule; this means we'll have to stay on task. The CALPO folks are going to have a busy day...

      Also attached is a list of attendees to date. Please review this to ensure accuracy. If no one is listed by your LPO it means I have not received a confirmation for an attendee. Some of you have already alerted me that no one can attend from your group, but if I have missed someone please let me know.

      Thanks to those of you who submitted needs assessments. They will be useful for the luncheon. If you have not done so, please consider jotting a few lines relating the state of your organization.

      There are probably other items to mention but this should do for now. If you have a special order wish for your lunch sandwich please stop by the booth on Thursday and leave a request. I'll make the lunch run friday morning!

      As mentioned in a prior message, we still need booth volunteers, and all LPOs should try to send an information sheet for the booth.

      cheers for now, and I look forward to seeing everyone next friday. That's only a week away!


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