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FW: Update on AAA LPO activities

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  • Glenn Brown
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      Subject: Update on AAA LPO activities


      We have received our booth assignment from AAA and it is a pretty small table. If you are bringing materials to the booth, think 'compact.'

      That said, the meeting is only 6 weeks away and I hope all of you, especially the folks with new LPOs, will be able to bring some sort of information/membership flyer to pass out at the table.

      Towards the end of this month I will start filling in the schedule for staffing the booth, so I hope each of you will be able to recruit a few members to participate for an hour or so. The booth hours will be Thurs to Sat, 9 to 4. We also need instant mentors, so feel free to volunteer or recommend someone. Please pass the word to your members as possible.

      There are several scheduling conflicts at this year's meeting, and it looks like Friday (11-17) is the least conflictive overall. CALPO has a session until noon, so I would like to propose that we have a meeting/luncheon from 12:30 to 2 pm. The theme for the meeting will be a needs assessment; that is, what are the greatest needs of your LPO, and how can these be realistically met.

      Since time is short we will not do an introduction/overview for each LPO. Most of you know each other now but we will introduce those new LPO members. We also hope that the New York LPO rep will be able to make it for the last minutes, as her workshop is over at 1:30.

      It is my understanding that there is a new SfAA LPO liaison coming on board: Bill Roberts, who is the current co-editor of Practicing Anthropology. We hope Bill will be able to strong-arm SfAA in being more helpful with LPO development efforts! As ever you should remember to send your news items to both SfAA and NAPA newsletter coordinators.

      At present we are trying to find a quiet venue where we can meet and eat and still hear ourselves. I hope to have this sorted out soon.

      So, develop your flyers and find a few folks for the booth, and consult with your members as to your group's greatest needs. I look forward to seeing everyone!

      best wishes,

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