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RE: [SCOPA] FW: Mtg Reminder: Central Park Village Relocation Project

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  • Greenbaum, Susan
    This meeting has been cancelled. THA has a conflicting event. We will reschedule in a few weeks. lf you have any questions about this project, please
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 19, 2006
      Re: [SCOPA] FW: Mtg Reminder: Central Park Village Relocation Project
      This meeting has been cancelled.  THA has a conflicting event.  We will reschedule in a few weeks.  lf you have any questions about this project, please contact Susan Greenbaum at greenbau@....  This is a follow up to the community forum that some of you worked on in 2005. 

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      I am on vacation next week and I cannot make it but it is similar to
      some of the work we have done with farmworkers and post-hurricane
      victims. Good luck! Please keep FICS in the loop. Alayne and staff

      Wolfe, Alvin wrote:

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      > *Subject:* Mtg Reminder: Central Park Village Relocation Project
      > Hello,
      > I’d like to remind you that the _University-wide Central Park Village
      > Relocation Project Meeting_ is one week from today, *Thursday, August
      > 24^th .* We’ll be meeting at *FMHI in MHC 1503 from 10a-12n.* During
      > the meeting, we’ll be hearing about the following topics:
      > · Emergent Issues in the Central Park Village Relocation
      > · Facts and Figures About the Central Park Village and the City Plan
      > · Tampa Housing Authority Relocation Plan
      > · Group Discussion
      > · Wrap-Up and Next Steps
      > If you haven’t already, please let me know if you plan to attend.
      > Looking forward to seeing you there.
      > Thanks,
      > Rich
      > ____________________________________________
      > Richard W. Puddy
      > Assistant Director
      > USF Collaborative for Children, Families and Communities
      > 13301 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. MHC 1129
      > Tampa, FL 33612
      > 813-974-7318 (Voice)
      > 813-974-7571 (Fax)

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