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Anthro for hire, strong skills in evaluation

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  • Glenn Brown
    ... ... I ve been working on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2006
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      > From: Rosenberg, Deborah M.
      Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 12:01 PM
      > To:
      > Subject: RE: new
      > Let me introduce myself . 
      I've been working on the measurement and evaluation team for one of the VA regional networks, located in
      > for the past five years. 
      Most of what we've done has been QI
      > but as the
      anthropologist I get called to work on research projects
      > As you may be aware, a lot of the returning vets are in
      > a great deal of care, so the money for something as
      extraneous as
      > evaluation has dried up, and as of September this team is
      Its a
      > shame, too, as we were just beginning to have a
      real impact
      > on improving
      > communication, employee satisfaction,
      and women vets' programs
      > the network.
      > My
      background:  I have a Ph.D. in Applied Anthro and an MPH,
      > both from
      the University of South Florida.  My dissertation was a
      > functional
      outcome study of adults with congenital heart
      > disease, using
      both interviews and surveys.  You can probably guess from
      > that
      that one
      > of my biggest interests is disability, others are wellness
      > introducing qualitative methods into medical settings (sigh -
      > its still
      > an issue).  Of course, at this point I'll extend
      my interests
      > to include
      > whatever will pay my bills.
      Anyway, without taking up too much time, let me just make an
      > offical
      plea for assistance, advice, and/or leads.  Of
      > course, my CV
      > available on request!
      > Thanks everyone!
      > (And Jackie
      - I've already sent Jean a message to her work
      > address!)
      > Debbie

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