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RE: [SCOPA] FW: Local Practitioner Organizations and the AAA newsletter

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  • Brian McEwen
    You will get neither whining nor complaining from me, Glenn! ________________________________ From: SCOPA@yahoogroups.com [mailto:SCOPA@yahoogroups.com] On
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 20, 2006

      You will get neither whining nor complaining from me, Glenn!


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      Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 6:59 PM
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      Subject: RE: [SCOPA] FW: Local Practitioner Organizations and the AAA newsletter


      If folks would like me to collate and pass the news along, then sure, I'll do it.  If time somehow gets more complicated, or if people whine and complain about it, then I'll certainly let folks know that I can no longer do it and let those who feel vastly more skilled and qualified to carry on.  I do think however we do it, should get done.  I'll send out a quick poll to make sure this is what folks want to do, maybe someone else really wants to do it but hasn't had an opportunity to speak (so speak up if you are out there) - but let's not let waiting for a quick poll stop the collection of pieces.  Pieces can be sent to the list and in this way can continue to be archived.   


      "Wolfe, Alvin " <wolfe@...> wrote:

      Glenn, by forwarding Terry Redding's message about LPO news are you telling us that you will collect the bits and pieces of SCOPA news, collate and edit it, and send it on to ingat@... ?   I recently sent this note to the USF-ant list, but it could be relevant to SCOPA members as well:


      As Chair of the Board of Directors of FICS ( Florida Institute for Community Studies), I urge you to consider also that FICS offers many opportunities for students to work with neighborhoods and communities on a variety of important projects.  Some of you know the Executive Director of FICS, Dr. Alayne Unterberger, SCOPA member who got her MA at USF,  won the USF Distinguished Alum Award, and then earned the PhD in Anthropology at UF. See the FICS web site: FICSINC.ORG


      -- Alvin

      Alvin W. Wolfe
      Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
      Department of Anthropology
      4202 E. Fowler Avenue , SOC107
      University of South Florida
      Tampa , FL   33620-8100    813-974-0794

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      From: SCOPA@yahoogroups.com [mailto:SCOPA@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Glenn Brown
      Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 4:42 PM
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      Subject: [SCOPA] FW: Local Practitioner Organizations and the AAA newsletter

      Terry Redding is the NAPA liaison this year.  Is there anything anyone wants to share (or can share) with NAPA ?  Heck, maybe someone has something they may want to share with the rest of us too...for example, here at the Children's Board, Slake and Amy have been trying to develop standards of practice around Empowerment Evaluation of contracts and grants (tricky stuff when there are inherent power relationships - raises the question of plausibility to some extent - stay tuned).  Kathy Maes and Christy Shuman (who was at USF but  has married and moved away to go do great things in Washington State ...) have helped to bring "The Community Atlas" to life on the web (http://www.hillsborough.communityatlas.usf.edu/ ) - check it out.  It has been described by Bay News 9 as "A map on steroids..."  Brian McEwen has been busy with his child advocacy efforts.  Alvin Wolfe has been leading the Lutz Democrats to future victories in the democratic world.  And  Alayne Unterberger (oh, that is Dr. Unterberger to some of us...) recently facilitated a successful community meeting in the Town and Country area of Hillsborough around the issue of gang violence and continues to keep FICS a successful community resource. 


      Do any of these folks have something to publish with the NAPA crew?  I don't know, though it is good stuff they are doing and they are trying to use anthropology while they do it. I don't think I am the only one, but maybe I am, when I admit that I do like to hear about the interesting stuff people are up to, and it gives me hope that I too, may one day be interesting as well...maybe others are a little like me (no, I don't mean boring, I mean interested in what other people are doing). 


      If you have something you want to pass on to Terry, by all means, do so.  If you don't want to pass it on to Terry but simply want to share with the rest of us, well heck, that's just fine too.  And ...well, don't make me write the obvious from here...It's nice to have choices and be able to exercise them.


      Regards all,



      From: Terry Redding [mailto:terrymredding@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 4:01 PM
      To: ingat@...
      Cc: Kim Koester; Michael Duke; James Mullooly; Nancy Greenman; Paige Beverly; Leni Bohren; Clare Boulanger; Ellen Puccia; Glenn Brown; Susan Mann; Gillian Grebler; roxanna_unt@...; wapapresident@...
      Subject: Local Practitioner Organizations and the AAA newsletter

      Hi Inga:


      It's Terry Redding here; I'm the NAPA liaison person for the local practitioner organizations (LPOs). Last year Mari Clarke sent out deadlines for the NAPA news section of the AAA newsletter, to encourage LPOs to submit their activities for inclusion in the newsletter. Do you have a set of deadlines you can send the LPO folks? I should note that the LPOs don't generate overly much copy but on occasion they have special events or activities they like to publicize.


      The contact persons are below, and I have copied them on this message so they know who you are. Many thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.





      Bay Area Association of Practicing Anthropology (BAAPA)

      Kim Koester, kkoester@...
      Michael R. Duke, mduke@...


      Central Valley (CVAAN)

      Jim Mullooly, jmullooly@...


      Chicago Association for the Practice of Anthropology (CAPA)
      President: Michael Lieber, mdlieber@...
      Contact person: Nancy P Greenman, npgreenman@...


      Mid-South Association of Practicing Anthropology (MSAPA)

      Paige Beverly,  pebeverly@...


      High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology (HPSfAA)

      Clare Boulanger,  boulange@...

      Lenora Bohren, bohren@...


      New York Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NYAPA)

      Susan Mann, susan.mann@...


      Suncoast Organization of Practicing Anthropologists (SCOPA)

      Ellen Puccia,  epuccia@...

      Glenn Brown, GBrown@... (current organizer)


      Southern California Applied Anthropology Network (SCAAN)

      Gillian Grebler,  gggrebler@...


      Texas Area Practicing Anthropology Society (TAPAS)

      Roxanna Manoochehri, roxanna_unt@...


      Washington Association for Professional Anthropologists (WAPA)

      John Mullen, wapapresident@...


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