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Re: [SCOPA] Dear Jeffery: Thanks so much for your response

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  • RHabin@aol.com
    Yes, Subscribe me away... Ron
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 7, 2004

             Subscribe me away...

    • Ward, Beverly
      also, see http://www.ciatrans.net/TABLE.html . it too is transportation oriented, however, it gives an excellent overview
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 7, 2004
        also, see http://www.ciatrans.net/TABLE.html
        <http://www.ciatrans.net/TABLE.html> . it too is transportation oriented,
        however, it gives an excellent overview of the process and the legal bases.

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        From: Glenn [mailto:anthroman40@...]
        Sent: Sun 3/7/2004 10:54 AM
        To: SCOPA@yahoogroups.com
        Subject: [SCOPA] Dear Jeffery: Thanks so much for your response

        Subject: RE: SCOPA

        Dear Jeffery: Thanks so much for your response to myquestion
        about how we (SCOPA, et al.) might make some progress assuring that
        asocial impact assessment should be done on any development of the
        Central ParkArea of Tampa (such as the Civitas' proposal or any
        other). I thinkyour response should be shared with other SCOPA
        members on SCOPA YahooGroup.

        By copy of this message, I am asking Glenn Brown if hewould be so
        kind as to subscribe you to the SCOPA YahooGroup and, if itis
        convenient, to send this message on for us.

        The SCOPA members should be reminded that you did your MA
        AppliedAnthropology Internship on the impact assessment for the
        original widening of Fletcher Avenue from a little two lane road to
        what it is now! That was manyyears ago! Did you not have to warn
        the contractors to watch out forwoolly mammoths? I remember well
        one of your warnings: "Never playleapfrog with a unicorn," you

        --Alvin Wolfe

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        From: Wanda and Jeffery Dow[mailto:WJCED.DUNEDIN@...
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        Sent: Saturday, March06, 2004 8:21 PM
        To: Wolfe, Alvin
        Subject: Re: SCOPA

        Dear Al,

        My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Ithas been a busy
        week, and I had to go back to look at some social impactmaterial to
        refresh my memory.

        The first thing that would need to be done would be todefine those
        persons being impacted. Again, not being familiar with the
        Civitasproject it is hard for me to get a handle on this. After that
        is established,the types of impacts that can be examined are many,
        including communitycohesion, accessibility of services,
        displacement, employment and businessactivity, residential activity
        and the effects on property taxes.

        Since you mentioned urban redevelopment, I take itthat this is less
        a highway improvement project (around which the Social
        ImpactAssessment books I have are oriented) than a residential
        and/or commercialrebuilding project. However, the same types of
        issues can apply. If housing isbeing replaced, the impacts that
        could be investigated and assessed couldinclude

        Cohesion: Will the same residents return or beaccommodated? Will the
        new housing cost more and cause displacement?

        Accessibility of services: Will commercial activitiesbe part of the
        redevelopment? Will these be services the residents want andneed?
        This could be a positive impact.

        Employment: Will employment be of a nature that theresidents can get
        jobs in the redeveloped area?

        Residential activity: Will the behaviors exhibitedbefore the
        redevelopment be similar to those after?

        Property taxes: If they go up, will the homeownersstill be able to
        afford their new housing?

        Researchers could use survey instruments to collectinformation. They
        could be formal or informal. Also, meetings could be formalor
        informal and collect the same type of data. If a neighborhood is
        beingredeveloped, residents can be given disposable cameras and
        asked to take photosof things they like and dislike about their
        neighborhood. As designs and siteplans are put together, planners
        can consult the photos and comments.

        I hope this is a start. How would I subscribe to theSCOPA Yahoo
        group? Let me know if I can do anything else.


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