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FW: Capaciteria.org -- support fo nonprofiit administrative capacity

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  • Glenn Brown
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      Subject: FW: Capaciteria.org -- support fo nonprofiit administrative

      I wanted to pass on information about an online resource. I will
      describe capacieria.org below, but the most important thing is that it's
      a free resource designed to to help any nonprofit searching for a
      variety of capacity resources. Please check it out, and if you think its
      useful to the sector, pass it on. I have writing about capacity
      resourcing for some time, and wanted to add my little bit to the sector
      with this content resource:

      CAPACITERIA.ORG - Peer Reviewed Capacity Resources for Nonprofits

      Your site has been added to capaciteria.org

      Capaciteria is a new database resource index of useful administrative
      capacity links for nonprofits. There are 92 categories of information
      (similar to Yahoo directory listings) from nonprofit finance to
      facilities management -- and everything in between.

      What makes Capaciteria unique is the review and commenting system that
      allows nonprofits to rate the usefulness of each link for their peers.
      These ratings and link popularity in turn affect how the links are
      returned in a search (most popular on top) -- similar to Google. The
      premise behind Capaciteria is that there are a lot of good capacity
      resources available to nonprofits, and individual nonprofit users know
      about even more, but they have to be easily accessible, and vetted using
      the trusted source relationships that are the fabric of the nonprofit
      sector - hence the rating/commenting system. Users can search for
      resources by category, similar to Yahoo or free form as they do in
      Google. And they can ADD useful resources too. There are currently
      about 700 links to start users off with useful resources. Capaciteria
      has a particularly significant number of resources related to nonprofit
      jobs, volunteer, advocacy, philanthropic services, software and
      grant/funding/in-kind support because they tend to be the most sought
      after queries.

      You can access Capaciteria directly through here:
      http://capaciteria.org (there is a useful faq right at the top answering
      most basic questions)



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