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RE: [SCOPA] Greenbaum et al. in Tribune re Tampa Development

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  • Brian McEwen
    Here s my contribution. A few days ago, I forwarded one of our recent emails citing Susan Greenbaum and others to my old friend Deanne Roberts, immediate past
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 4, 2004
      Here's my contribution.
      A few days ago, I forwarded one of our recent emails citing Susan Greenbaum and others to my old friend Deanne Roberts, immediate past president of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. I told her I wanted her to view Susan's input as an example of the anthropological perspective (I'm torturing my old friend with this exercise because I see her as interested in understanding what anthropology is).
      The reason I'm sharing this is that Deanne's response to me was that she personally was trying to identify someone to play a facilitative role in developing some kind of plan (if not Civitas, then....). She mentioned Susan as someone she'd thought of contacting to play such a role. I don't know what she's done about that, if anything.
      My point is this: If there's someone among the local anthropological ranks who wants to step up and take charge, I can help make the connection to Deanne. I do not know exactly what part she's officially playing in this Civitas deal, but she'll use her energy and connections to try to make something happen. That's called an opportunity in my book.
      I, by the way, am not going to promote myself to do this. But I'd be glad to help someone else if you'll identify yourself.
      Brian McEwen
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      Hey everyone, thanks for passing this information on to those of us who run around too much.

      I only "scanned" 10 or so of the "leaders." It seems like everyone quoted was saying the same thing: do SOMETHING in this area.  But the question is: what?  The whole idea of asking the residents and working in conjunction with diverse stakeholders seems lost in this discussion.  Even a Social Impact Assessment, which I read as a suggestion in Bridget's notes, was not a specific recommendation.  Fred Hearns wants some sort of community center, someone else said Veritas not Civitas, but if not Civitas, then what?  The lack of imagination and innovation seems to be our worst enemy here.  It's kind of like, "well, we know that Civitas exists and has "worked" (how well is irrelevant) elsewhere so let's just do that."  This thinking is so common in Tampa Bay.  As proof of this, I submit two local examples that were both based on the "success" of CocoWalk in Miami: BayWalk and Centro Ybor.  Hopefully BayWalk won't have to have the city of St Pete bail it out like we are doing with Centro Ybor.

      Again, I really think we need to really advocate for the social impact assessment and getting the leadership to offer up some other examples, not just this "one size fits all" approach that is so common today.

      At 09:59 PM 2/1/2004 +0000, you wrote:
      The Tampa Tribune of February 1 publishes the views of something like
      twenty-five persons, including Professor Greenbaum.  See at:
      --Alvin Wolfe


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