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RE: [SCOPA] FW: Central Avenue Saturday impressions...

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  • Greenbaum, Susan
    I believe that there will be a radio piece on the forum tonight at 6 on wmnf. Would someone pass this on to the anthro list? I have to go to Lakeland for the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 22, 2005
      I believe that there will be a radio piece on the forum tonight at 6 on wmnf.  Would someone pass this on to the anthro list?  I have to go to Lakeland for the day.

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      Subject: [SCOPA] FW: Central Avenue Saturday impressions...

      Ron Habin, who came all the way from Orlando to participate, asked me to pass on to the SCOPA Group his comments on the Forum:

      Dear Colleagues:
          First of all, it was a triumph! That demonstration of anthropologists facilitating community empowerment is the very reason I signed on back in 1988. It sure did my heart good.
          Overheard voices...I was shocked at how little information tenants had received from the housing authority about their upcoming fate. The people I listened to were pretty close to panic. I really believe that one of the things accomplished on Saturday, is that now residents will no longer be the last to know "what is going on" with/to their lives.   
          I thought the question from the woman about housing for convicted felons was not only legitimate, it spoke for several members of the audience. The answer was more than a discussion of "an individual case." The answer was systemic and I think here, Moore dropped the ball. Same for the woman who told the audience that "people were being evicted now" and that the housing authority didn't understand the law. I do feel that observation should have been addressed.
          On a positive note, I was aware that as we broke into small groups and those women visited the housing table, their tone gradually became less hostile (scared) and more committed to the information process. It became a healthy dynamic.
          We were informed by the "three legged stool" model offered by Dr. Hyland. I do think some profound community oriented change can be effected if motivated representatives of government, the private sector, and the nonprofit sector can meet regularly and represent their various constituencies on the community's behalf. Some of these players were identified on Saturday. I would have liked to have seen representation from the private sector as well. 
          Speaking of the private sector, I was not aware of the presence of local business owners. Perhaps I was just otherwise engaged. They would certainly be critical stakeholders in our mix.
         Again, this is all so rich. The anthropological community has arrived this time, before the developers. You know, I'm kind of proud of us. If there is any way I can get more involved please let me know ASAP.

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