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FW: SfAA note re: LPO table

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      Subject: SfAA note re: LPO table

      Hi Folks:

      This message is going to two groups: LPO leaders and contacts, and those
      who have recently or in the past discussed forming an LPO. Or those who
      were at one time active in an LPO and for whom this is a message of

      First, there will be a booth at the SfAA meeting at which LPOs will be
      invited to hand out flyers, sell shirts, etc. The booth is sponsored by
      an SfAA/NAPA/AAA consortium, as has been the case in times recently
      passed. As this is a pretty good opportunity to sign up new members,
      especially for High Plains, I hope you will prepare some flyers to
      distribute and also recruit a few members to be at the booth. Folks will
      sign up for two hour blocks between Thursday morning and Saturday midday
      (April 7-9, I believe). We need to have at least one person to fly the
      LPO banner at the booth at all times.

      So, please talk to your membership about producing a flyer to
      distribute, and about signing up for a two-hour block. For those of you
      who are trying to form an LPO, this is a good way to put out feelers.
      I'd suggest scheduling a potluck or happy hour in early May, and passing
      out flyers at the booth to let folks from your area know.

      In addition to the booth, some sort of annual gathering for a member of
      each LPO, perhaps a luncheon, is under discussion. I'll send out more
      news later when it's finalized. Hopefully that will be very soon.

      That's it for now. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

      Best wishes,
      Terry Redding
      NAPA LPO Liaison
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