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FW: AEA - Evaluation 2005 Call for Proposals

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  • Glenn Brown
    _____ From: Heidi Nye, Heidi McNeil, and Susan Kistler [mailto:info@eval.org] Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 7:44 PM To: Glenn Brown Subject: AEA - Evaluation
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      From: Heidi Nye, Heidi McNeil, and Susan Kistler [mailto:info@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 7:44 PM
      To: Glenn Brown
      Subject: AEA - Evaluation 2005 Call for Proposals



      Evaluation 2005: Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries

      Call for Proposals

      Deadline: March 11, 2005

      We invite you to submit a proposal to share your knowledge and expertise through a presentation at Evaluation 2005! Please note that this Call for Proposals is being transmitted only via email and on the web - you will not receive a hardcopy Call for Proposals in your postal mailbox this year.

      The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) and the American Evaluation Association (AEA) are jointly sponsoring Evaluation 2005 to be held October 24 through October 30, 2005 at The Sheraton Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The conference theme 'Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries' promises to provide opportunities for cross-fertilization and thinking about evaluation in new ways.

      Evaluation 2005 will replace the 2005 annual conferences of CES and AEA. We anticipate over 2000 in attendance and look forward to attracting presentations and delegates from around the globe for this exceptional international event.  

      Proposals are accepted for Debates, Demonstrations, Panels, Papers, Posters, Roundtables, Think Tanks, and Skill-building Workshops, as well as for Professional Development Workshops that will precede and follow the conference.

      Proposals may address any issue related to evaluation theory, practice, methodology, or the profession and must be submitted using the online forms by the March 11, 2005 deadline. Go to the conference website to learn more about Evaluation 2005 and access the online proposal submission forms. 

      Evaluation 2005 website: http://www.eval.org/eval2005/  

      If you have questions regarding proposal submission or the conference, please do not hesitate to contact the AEA office at any time.


      Get Involved in AEA

      You will receive further electronic updates about other AEA activities over the coming weeks. For a sneak preview, you may wish to access:

      Call for AEA Board Nominations: http://www.eval.org/aea05.boardnom.htm
      Call for AEA Awards Nominations:
      Call for Professional Development Workshops: http://www.eval.org/eval2005/proposals/aea05.prodevoverview.htm


      Contact Us

      We are here to serve you as you prepare for Evaluation 2005.

      Susan Kistler, AEA Executive Director
      Heidi Nye, AEA Member Services
      Heidi McNeil, AEA Member Services
      Phone: 1-888-232-2275 (toll free from the US and parts of Canada)
      Phone: 1-508-748-3326 (available internationally)
      Fax: 1-508-748-3158
      Landmail: AEA, 16 Sconticut Neck Rd #290, Fairhaven MA 02719, USA

      If you would like to unsubscribe from AEA's electronic notices, please contact the AEA office via phone or via a return email. Please note that if you unsubscribe you will miss receiving - or will receive delayed notice of - key information including the call for proposals, conference registration materials, calls for awards and board nominations, and AEA notices and announcements.

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