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Calling all anthropologists and friends!

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  • Alayne Unterberger
    Hi everyone! Do not forget to stop by the Florida Institute for Community Studies, 202 S 22nd Street, Suite 106-7, Tampa, FL 33605 to celebrate and even do
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2004
      Hi everyone!

      Do not forget to stop by the Florida Institute for Community Studies, 202 S 22nd Street, Suite 106-7, Tampa, FL  33605 to celebrate and even do some last minute X-mas + Holiday shopping from 6-9 PM.  Please forward this message widely!

      Here is the agenda and some items for our auction:

      In keeping with our mission to partner with communities across Florida to help them achieve their goals, FICS staff have planned the following activities for the day:
      We want to hear from you!

      Agenda: 2 PM to 9 PM

      2:00-5:00 PM Open House, Drop In, Meet/Greet
      3:30-4:00 PM Special Recognition Ceremony
      4:30-5:00 PM Forum: What should be our priorities for 2005?
      6:00-9:00 PM Auction/Fundraiser with beverages

      We have some great stuff for the auction:
      * All new FICS calendars (pictures taken by our youth!)
      * Entertainment books
      * 4 Tickets to Lowry Park Zoo
      * 2 Tickets to Disney
      * 4 Tickets to the Aquarium
      * Handcrafted stained glass
      * Wine
      ***** much more

      2005 calendars, featuring the photographs of our local Latino youth, are now available and will be on-hand for our Second Anniversary! Please invite friends and come find out about our programs, meet our new staff and stay for our auction (and beverages) from 6-9 PM. Our auctioneer is Mr. Tony Morejon, Hispanic Liaison for Hillsborough County, who will be assisted by Ms. Adjani PiƱeiro, recent USF graduate. In addition to our calendars, we will be auctioning off:

      * Original art by Pablo Sierra, Pat Smoot (stained glass) and Dario Ruiz
      * 2 Disney Tickets
      * 4 Florida Aquarium Tickets
      * $25 gift certificates for delicious dinners at the Laughing Cat Restaurant (and more)
      * Volunteers will be auctioned off to wash cars, or to do miscellaneous work
      * Wine and wine tastings from Pieroth International

      So do your X-mas shopping with us! We look forward to seeing you on Friday, December 17, 2004 as we turn 2 years old.  We invite you to come, bring an unwrapped toy for a child in Wimauma for our 4th Annual 3 King's Day Celebration on 1-8-2005, converse and have some fun!

      Address: 202 S 22nd Street, Suite 106, Tampa FL 33605, Suite 106-7
      Phone: 813.248.3427 (248.FICS)

      Directions: take I-4 to Exit 1, Ybor City), continue on 21st Street about 2 miles, cross over Adamo Drive/Rt 60, you will see the Cross Town Express, continue following 21st St, there is a traffic light at DURHAM ST., continue and take the next immediate LEFT turn onto Corinne Street. Go 1 block to a Stop Sign, turn right and the Cigar Factory is on your left (3 story brick building)...park in the lot at Stuart St. and come on in!

      THE FUN IS AT 202 S. 22ND ST., TAMPA FL 33605

      Cesar Chavez:
      "It's ironic that those who till the soil, cultivate and harvest the fruits, vegetables, and other foods that fill your tables with abundance have nothing left for themselves."

      Alayne Unterberger, MA
      Executive Director, Florida Institute for Community Studies, Inc. (FICS)
      Main contact: (813) 477-2882 (cell) or (813) 248-3427 (248.FICS) (office) 
      FAX: (813) 248-3230    E-mail: alayne@...    Website: www.ficsinc.org

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