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FW: [pacnews] Choosing and Comparing Poverty Lines

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      Subject: [pacnews] Choosing and Comparing Poverty Lines

      Greetings PAC members!

      The World Bank Institute is looking to broaden the reach of our training
      programs in poverty analysis. We are therefore proposing to offer a short
      course called Choosing and Comparing Poverty Lines in a format that will
      be accessible to anyone with an Internet web connection. It will take
      place over a three week period, the first 3 weeks in November, and will
      feature an intensive and (hopefully) productive interaction about two
      extremely topical issues in poverty analysis: how should a country set its
      national poverty line, and how should we interpret comparisons in poverty
      levels across countries? You will be familiar with some aspects of these
      questions from debates about poverty in your own country, or from hearing
      about Millennium Development Goal poverty line of one dollar per day.
      But there is often confusion about how to use these poverty lines, and how
      they relate to each other.

      During the course period, two instructors from the World Bank Institute's
      Poverty and Growth Program will be answering participants' messaged
      questions on assigned reading material, and will conduct two interactive
      chat sessions with participants. The reading material covers the economic
      foundations of poverty lines and international poverty comparisons, with
      particular reference to the World Bank's dollar per day line.

      The course is meant for poverty analysis practitioners, meaning persons
      whose work is connected with the production or use of poverty measures,
      such as national or global headcounts for poverty. While specialists in
      poverty analysis will already be familiar with the course material, they
      may find the module on international poverty comparisons useful given the
      central role of the dollar per day line in the global dialog on poverty.
      The course is not itself a self-contained treatment of poverty analysis
      techniques, but it is a useful building block -- and indeed, we hope to
      roll out fuller offerings in poverty analysis over the Internet in the

      The approximate time committment is 18 hours over the three week period;
      think in terms of an hour per day over the three weeks. It will not
      require your availability during any specific time slot unless you wish to
      be online with the instructors during the interactive chat sessions, and
      we know that with time zone differences, that won't be possible for all of
      you. Since this is our first offering of this course, we would like to
      obtain preliminary information about the level of demand from you for it.

      While there is no fee for the course, it will be necessary to register for
      it, and we will have a cap on the total number of participants. Formal
      information about how to register and access the course website will
      follow in a later e-mail. For now we would appreciate hearing from you
      about your interest; send a short e-mail in reply to this one if you are

      We look forward to hearing from you
      World Bank Institute
      Poverty and Growth Program

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