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RE: [SCOPA] FW: Fw:Session on Innovations in Applied Anthropology

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    Hi Brent, glennb39@tampabay.rr.com would probably be best. I look forward to reading them. Thank you, Glenn Weisman, Brent wrote:
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 14, 2004
      Hi Brent,
      glennb39@... would probably be best.  I look forward to reading them. Thank you,

      "Weisman, Brent" <bweisman@...> wrote:
      I'm ready to send you the colloquium papers.  What's the best address to
      send them to?  Thanks

      Brent Weisman

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      Subject: [SCOPA] FW: Fw:Session on Innovations in Applied Anthropology

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      Subject: Re: Fw:Session on Innovations in Applied Anthropology

      Hello LPO Folks:

      I have been asked by NAPA to forward the invitation below regarding an
      important session planned for the 2005 SfAA meeting. Sorry for the late
      notice: It arrived last week while I was in the hospital, but as you
      know the registration deadline is this Friday. Hopefully some of you may
      have time to consider participating. If you have any questions please
      direct them  to Jay et al listed at the end of the message. It should be
      a good session.

      Terry Redding
      NAPA LPO Liaison

      You have been invited to consider participating because we believe your
      work is relevant to framing critical future work in applied
      anthropology.If you wish to present in this session, please write an
      abstract that is relevant to these three points. Send your abstract asap
      to all the organizers. We will give you feedback to make sure your
      presentation is appropriate. Then you will submit it through the SfAA
      website, under the session organized with the above title and abstract
      and organizers/chairs. We have room for 8-10  papers (or more if more
      people respond as presenters, their papers fit, and they are willing to
      shorten their comments). Two additional papers will be an introduction
      and a concluding paper. Following is the abstract for the overall
      session, and instructions for presenters to prepare abstracts for
      individual presentations.

      > Anticipating the Future of Anthropology in Practice
      > Organizers: Commission (can we just put the Commission as organizer)
      > Chairs: Noel Chrisman Mari Clarke. Jean Schensul
      > At the AAA meetings in San Francisco, the Commission on Applied and
      > Practicing Anthropology sponsored a session examining disciplinary
      > infrastructural innovations that reflect ways in which anthropology is

      > responding to the central importance of applied work at the present
      time.  This SfAA double session is designed to highlight innovations in
      applied anthropology and the work of newer applied anthropologists
      working on the frontiers of their fields or engaging in
      interdisciplinary or intersectoral innovations that highlight the future
      of our field. Speakers will address applied work in high tech areas,
      both commercial and scientific; entrepreneurship as individual
      practitioners, as anthropology businesses and with corporate clients;
      the interface of material culture and community survival,  tourism,
      migration and the globalization of culture, information and disease;
      indigenous cultural, property and intellectual rights, the dynamic
      tensions among medicine, community health and public heath practice and
      the growing concerns around cultural, ecological and economic
      disparities.  10 anthropologists will each present an example of their
      work, situating it in the present and extending it into the future. An
      opening presentation will present a global vision of the future; a
      closing presentation will summarize trends, predictions and disciplinary
      needs. The double session is constructed to promote audience
      participation to feature new directions not envisioned or included in
      the session presentations. The mission of the AAA/SfAA Commission on
      Applied and Practicing Anthropology is to promote anthropology as
      practice as central to the practice of anthropology. The Joint
      Commission initiated its work at the Merida SfAA meeting in 2001, and at
      its last formal meeting in Santa Fe in 2005, it will propose the
      formation of a permanent Coalition of Applied and Practicing
      Anthropologists to find creative ways of addressing this ongoing
      challenge in the future.
      > Guidelines to presenters
      > Each presenter will have 15 minutes to:
      > a. situate their work (5 minutes)
      > b. discuss their work briefly from the point of view of future
      > c. highlight implications for future contributions to applied

      If you choose to participate, please send your abstract right away to
      Jschensu@...; mariclarke@...; and noelj@.... We
      will be screening abstracts for appropriateness. ICR folks, we have to
      see how many can be in this session from ICR so let me know of your


      Jean J. Schensul, Ph.D.
      Institute for Community Research
      2 Hartford Square West, Ste. 100
      Hartford, CT. U.S.A. 06106
      Tel: 860-278-2044, ext. 227

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