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Fwd: AAA update; your help is needed!

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    Sorry for the delay folks. Our power at the Children s Board is (and has been) out all week due to Jeanne. Here s a message from Terry Redding. Glenn
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2004
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      Sorry for the delay folks.  Our power at the Children's Board is (and has been) out all week due to Jeanne.  Here's a message from Terry Redding.

      Epuccia@... wrote:
      From: Epuccia@...
      Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 21:39:28 EDT
      Subject: Fwd: AAA update; your help is needed!
      To: anthroman40@...


      Terry asked me to send this to you because he got a message that your childrensboard address didn't receive it.  I hope you get it and that someone from SCOPA will be going to AAA.


      This later note was also sent to go with the original message . . .

      Hi again folks:

      Someone pointed out it would be helpful to have the actual date of the roundtable, and I agree:

      Thursday, November 18, 2004
      6:15 to 7:30 p.m.
      Union Square 19

      I hope it's correct and complete this time, and sorry about that.

      Best wishes,

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      From: "Terry Redding"
      Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 17:40:59 GMT
      To: npgreenman@..., Michael@..., pebeverly@...,
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      gggrebler@..., GBrown@..., smaack@...,
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      Subject: AAA update; your help is needed!

      Hello LPO folks;

      This is an update on NAPA LPO events for San Francisco. Please forward this to your membership.

      First, our annual roundtable has been slated for 6:15 to 7:30 p.m. at the conference hotel, in room Union Square 19. Each LPO is invited to have two members attend. Fledging, former, and potential LPO coordinators or contact persons are also invited. The program will go into a brief but in-depth look at our respective needs, ideas, creative strategies and other issues, with the goal of helping LPOs develop and thrive. The current and incoming NAPA presidents, Ed Liebow and Micki Iris, are planning to attend and hear your views, so make sure your LPO is represented. I will send around a final program in a few weeks.

      I will look into having some sort of food for the event, and immediately afterwards will follow the NAPA party. This event is usually well attended, and the timing should help both events do quite well.

      More details on this will follow, but for now please make sure that you mark the date and time on your calendars and find two members who will attend. I will call for specific RSVPs shortly before the meeting.

      The second issue is the AAA/SfAA booth, plans for which will probably start falling into place in coming weeks. Most of you will be familiar with this; the booth also involves NAPA and LPOs to a significant degree. Especially for those of you whose groups are in the early stages of development, it will serve you well to come up with some sort of flyer and membership sign up sheet to distribute at the table. It�s a great opportunity to let people know you are there. LPOs can also use this as a fundraising opportunity: WAPA, for example, will be bringing baseball caps again to sell.

      NAPA is also interested in locating instant mentors for the booth. These veterans serve to mentor those who come by the booth and would like information on career choices, the realities of applied anthropology, etc. Instant mentors will schedule times to be at the booth and mentees sign up to meet with that person, or they simply chat with whomever is at the booth at the moment. If you are interested please let me know and I can pass your name on to mentor coordinator Mary Odell Butler.

      Along with this, NAPA always looks to LPOs to get the word out to their members about volunteering for the booth. The booth is usually active from Thursday to Saturday (although it may open on Wednesday this year), and volunteers usually sit for two hour blocks. Please inform your members as soon as you can, because it is vital to the success of the booth. It�s also a great way to see old friends; you just never know who will come wandering by the booth. It would be great if each LPO could get four or five members to show up at some point during the meeting. Try to get the word out now and I will follow up with specific scheduling times.

      So, please designate two members to attend the roundtable, plan on coming to the party afterwards, shake the trees to find staff for the booth, and prepare your promotional/informational materials for the booth.

      I look forward to seeing you all in San Francisco!

      Best wishes,
      Terry Redding
      NAPA LPO Liaison

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