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RE: [SCOPA] SCOPA-Civitas Meeting Notes from 1-23-04

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  • Wolfe, Alvin
    In regard to Alayne s good suggestion about finding out what other places have done, one of our participants, Ron Habin, is from Orlando and at the meeting
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      In regard to Alayne's good suggestion about finding out "what other places have done,"  one of our participants, Ron Habin, is from Orlando and at the meeting on Jan 23 he talked about a development in Winter Park which might be the very one Gabriela Ramirez lives in.  Perhaps he will respond to that issue on this list (SCOPA@yahoogroups.com). I haven't yet had a chance to read Bridget's report.  --Alvin 
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      yes, thank you for the information.  I wonder if anyone else feels that the antconn and scopa lists are redundant?  I get two of everything and would sure appreciate getting only one! smile.

      On the Civitas project, has it occurred to anyone that we should check out what other places have done?  For example, Gabriela Ramirez lives in Orlando and they just moved into a community that sounds a lot like what Turanchek et al propose.  I think SCOPA folks could contribute useful SOLUTIONS/OPTIONS in this manner.  We can all agree that displacing low income populations and public assistance clients is not appropriate unless there are viable options.  BUT, given my reading on the current "social climate" I'd say we should be prepared for something like this to take hold, sooner or later and it's better to anticipate this.


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      Thanks a lot, Bridget.  --Alvin
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      Subject: [SCOPA] SCOPA-Civitas Meeting Notes from 1-23-04

      Hi everyone,
      Here are the notes from Friday s SCOPA meeting at Latam. There are 2 documents: my meeting notes and the Civitas agenda and background information prepared by Alvin Wolfe. I apologize for any cross-posting. Please let me know if there is anything that needs to be revised or added/deleted, etc. I ll be posting these documents on the SCOPA and AntConn yahoo websites as well. Please forward to others as necessary. Thanks!
      Bridget Hahm

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