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  • Alayne Unterberger
    you should include Dr Angrosino s email address so we can email him back! thanks A ... ***************************** Cesar Chavez: It s ironic that those who
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 14, 2004
      you should include Dr Angrosino's email address so we can email him back!

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      From: Wolfe, Alvin [mailto:wolfe@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 2:38 PM
      To: Dept of Anthro Connections Committee
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      Subject: FW: new journal

       SCOPA and AntConn members:  Here is a great opportunity for some of you to get involved as both anthropologists and community activists in a respectable publication that our colleague Mike Angrosino is advising/editing.  I see much advantage in this, for you personally and for Anthropology generally. -- Alvin

      Alvin W. Wolfe
      Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
      Department of Anthropology
      4202 E. Fowler Avenue, SOC107
      University of South Florida
      Tampa, FL  33620-8100   813-974-0794

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      From: Angrosino, Michael
      Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 9:40 AM
      To: Baer, Roberta; Bird, Elizabeth; Greenbaum, Susan; Himmelgreen, David; Romero-Daza, Nancy; Sokolovsky, Jay; Weisman, Brent; Wolfe, Alvin; Rodriguez, Cheryl
      Subject: new journal


      Dear Colleagues,

              The Southern Anthropological Society has voted to transform its newsletter, The Southern Anthropologist into an actual research journal and I have been asked to serve on its editorial board and also to explore the possibility of putting together a theme issue. My initial thought was to do something like The Transformation of a Southern City: Applied Anthropology in the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area (a theme of deliberate vagueness).

              I am memo-ing you all to see if you would be interested in contributing a paper for a possible Fall 2005 publication date (which means I d probably need papers by the end of February. The paper can deal with any piece of applied work as long as it bears somehow on the transformation of the city (e.g., its globalization; changes/expansions in health and human services; increasing ethnic heterogeneity, etc. etc.). My only other stipulation is that the paper be co-authored with someone from the community so as to emphasize the idea of collaborative research. The paper should be 6-8000 words in length and follow Chicago Manual style. Please feel free to forward this message to any of your grad students who might also want to contribute.

              Our department has a long history of supporting the efforts of the SAS, and a number of us have served as officers over the years. The SAS also has a good record of recognizing and promoting applied research in the region.

              I look forward to hearing from you.



      Michael V. Angrosino

      Department of Anthropology

      University of South Florida

      Tampa, FL 33620

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      Alayne Unterberger, MA
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