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      AAA E-News
      Volume 1, Number 1
      September 2004


      The 103rd AAA Annual Meeting will be held November 17-21, 2004, at the
      Hilton San Francisco, CA.

      The AAA Preliminary Program will be available in a searchable format on the
      AAA website (www.aaanet.org). This includes the schedule of all sessions
      and meetings, all workshop and roundtable opportunities, as well as all
      registration and housing information and forms. You will be able to
      pre-register online at www.aaanet.org until October 11. After that date, you
      must register onsite.


      Information and full descriptions on the workshops and roundtables offered
      at the AAA Annual Meeting requiring advanced registration are available at
      www.aaanet.org. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and
      space is limited. Tickets will be mailed approximately two weeks before the

      Media Training

      A free Media Training Workshop will be offered at the annual meeting. It
      will be held on Thursday, November 18, 10am-12pm, with guest speakers Steve
      Proctor, deputy managing editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, and Dan
      Vergano, science reporter with USA Today. Registration is required and
      attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is available
      online at www.aaanet.org via the workshop forms and must be completed by
      November 11.

      How to Find an Academic Job

      This free workshop will explore a variety of topics related to academic
      employment: sources of academic employment, how to contact potential
      employers, how to write a cv or a resume, do's and don'ts at the interview,
      how to respond to a job offer, and how to cope with disappointment. Sources
      of additional information will be provided to participants. Use the
      registration form on the AAA website (www.aaanet.org) to reserve a space.

      Retirement Planning

      AAA will provide a new, free, seminar at the 2004 Annual Meeting on
      Retirement Planning. This engaging seminar will be held Saturday, November
      20, 2004, in Union Square #25 between 8 and 9:45 am. Richard Barrett,
      president of Barrett Planned Giving, with over 30 years experience in
      banking and hands-on experience in retirement planning, will lead this
      financial planning session.

      How to Write a Research Proposal

      The overall goal of this free workshop is to provide information on how to
      develop and write a well-conceived research proposal. The primary objectives
      of the workshop are: to provide a framework for discovering and
      understanding what granting agencies want, and to provide participants with
      a basic understanding of the structure of well conceived and written
      research proposals. For more information see www.aaanet.org.

      NAPA-Sponsored Workshops

      Register early! NAPA-sponsored workshops, 2004 AAA Meeting: evaluation,
      qualitative software, field schools, tourism, producing DVDs, postmodern
      positivism, rapid assessment, media, applied training, non-academic careers,
      negotiation skills, ethical guidelines, forum theater, community-based
      anthropology. Registration information at:
      www.practicinganthropology.org/inside/?section=calendar_meetings, or contact
      Lenora Bohren (bohren@...).

      GAD Sponsored Workshops and Roundtable

      GAD will provide its Fourth Annual Institute for Teaching Anthropology for
      those about to begin their teaching career, as well as sponsor a Wine and
      Cheese Roundtable: Conversations on Teaching, to discuss the teaching of
      Area Studies, broadly defined as including both geographical and topical
      areas. GAD is also sponsoring a workshop that will describe how to design an
      effective outcomes assessment initiative. For more information see

      Be a Mentor!

      NASA's 4th Annual Mentor Workshop co-sponsored by AAA will take place at the
      annual meeting in San Francisco. We need professional anthropologists from
      all fields to meet with up to three students (30 minutes each) during a
      two-hour block at the meeting. To volunteer please email Michelle Verma,
      NASA Graduate Representative at Large, Mentorworkshop@yahoogroups.com.
      Include your name, affiliation and a description of your area(s) of
      study/research/interest using key words only.

      SAE Roundtables

      The Society for the Anthropology of Europe will hold a roundtable luncheon
      from 12pm-2pm on Saturday at the Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant. Topics
      include political violence and ideologies of public safety; social
      suffering, disease and healing at socialism's end; culture, minorities and
      state security in the new Europe; jobs for Europeanists; languages, states
      and citizens; and the woman question revisited in central and eastern
      Europe. For more information or to register, see www.aaanet.org.

      SHA Workshops

      The Society for Humanistic Anthropology is sponsoring workshops on how to
      submit a book prospectus to an academic publisher, ethnographic writing, how
      to submit your first article to an anthropology journal, how to turn your
      dissertation into a book, writing anthropology for the general public,
      speaking to the general public, and poetic writing for anthropologists. For
      more information or to register see www.aaanet.org.

      Workshop in Digital Visual Anthropology

      This workshop is for the anthropologist who wants to use video, still
      photography and text in digital multimedia presentations. For more
      information or to register see www.aaanet.org.

      Ethical Considerations of Ethnographic Fieldwork

      The Society for the Anthropology of Latin America will sponsor a workshop to
      explore the ethical issues and controversies inherent in the Latin American
      field scene. This year's focus will be on the ethical considerations of
      administering medical care in the field. Should the anthropologist play
      doctor or not? Particular emphasis will be placed on ethical conduct
      vis-à-vis the study population, in the field setting itself. For more
      information or to register see www.aaanet.org.


      AAA Announcements Database

      A new online, searchable announcements database is now available on the AAA
      website at http://www.aaanet.org/coop/index.cfm. Members can post and search
      for all announcements there, including fellowships, awards, calls for
      papers, and other collaborative opportunities.

      AAA Conducts Survey of Anthropology Departments

      AAA has contracted Membersurvey.com to administer a survey of anthropology
      departments in the US. Survey questionnaires will be sent to department
      chairs in all programs for which the AAA has contact information. A
      significant return rate will dramatically improve our ability to generalize
      the results of our survey to the entire academic community. If you have
      questions regarding the survey, or if your department did not receive the
      survey questionnaire, contact: Kathleen Terry-Sharp, Director, Academic
      Relations, at ksharp@....

      Seeking Editor for Cultural Anthropology

      The Society for Cultural Anthropology is seeking nominations and
      applications for editor of the society's journal, Cultural Anthropology. The
      new editor will start reviewing articles in January 2006, and will be
      responsible for the four volumes dated from 2007 through 2010. An additional
      two-year extension of the term is possible at the board's discretion.
      Interviews will be held at the AAA meetings in San Francisco in November
      2004. For information regarding the application process, please see the SCA
      website, www.aaanet.org/sca

      Applied Organizational Activities

      Invitation to display information on applied organizational activities at
      AAA 2004 Meeting Applied/Practicing Booth. To participate as an organization
      or mentor, contact www.practicinganthropology.org; Mary Odell Butler,
      butlerm@...; Terry Redding, lpos@....

      Online Directory of Human Rights Anthropologists

      With the aim of facilitating contacts between anthropologists and human
      rights defenders, the AAA Committee for Human Rights maintains a directory
      of anthropologists with expertise in human rights and related fields. The
      directory is open for public access at the AAA website
      (www.aaanet.org/committees/cfhr/directory.htm). If you are interested in
      being included, send your name, professional title and affiliation, mailing
      address, telephone and fax numbers, email address(es), and a short list of
      relevant areas of expertise to Committee Chair Samuel Martínez
      (samuel.martinez@...) or to the committee's AAA staff liaison, Richard
      Thomas (rthomas@...).

      CfHR Issues Call for Reports

      The Committee for Human Rights (CfHR,
      http://www.aaanet.org/committees/cfhr/index.htm) is the main link between
      the AAA and human rights organizations throughout the world. Anthropologists
      and others are urged to provide up-to-date reports of human rights
      violations to the CfHR, which stands ready to provide guidance and
      assistance in reporting evidence and in devising advocacy strategies. AAA
      members and others wishing to present a report for the CfHR to consider at
      or prior to its next meeting at the AAA Annual Meeting should contact the
      CfHR Chair ('03-'04), Samuel Martínez (samuel.martinez@...).

      CORI Looks for New Officers

      The Committee on Refugees and Immigrants (CORI), a sub-section of SUNTA, is
      looking for candidates for two-year officer positions (chair, chair-elect,
      program chair, and contributing correspondent). An active role in CORI is a
      great way to meet colleagues interested in migration issues and to
      contribute to the discipline. Contact Debbie Boehm, dboehm@..., or Julia
      Meredith Hess, meredith@..., if you are interested in running.

      Ethnographers Wanted

      The Immigration and Health Initiative sponsored by the School of Health
      Sciences at Hunter College is seeking advanced graduate students and recent
      PhDs interested in participating in innovative ethnographic research
      projects in the New York City area. Spanish proficiency required. Contact
      Anahi Viladrich at 212/481-5154 or via email: aviladri@....
      Website: www.hunter.cuny.edu/schoolhp/uph/immigration/index.htm.

      Discussing East Asia in US Schools

      Please contact Guven Witteveen, wittevee@... or 734/764-2302, to
      convene a conversation at the AAA in San Francisco on Friday after lunch.
      East Asianists and others with ideas for bringing anthropological
      perspectives to elementary andhigh schools are encouraged to join him to
      talk about topics and methods. Guven seeks collaboration and ways to make
      use of the rich ethnographic observations of colleagues through his
      educational outreach position.

      Recollections of the SAR

      Author Kay Leigh Hagan and SAR's Institutional Development staff invite AAA
      members to contribute to the centennial book project by submitting stories
      of their connection to SAR. Humorous, serious, thought-provoking and social
      recollections are welcome, including commentary about the personal impact
      the school may have had on lives and careers. Mail stories to School of
      American Research, Centennial Book Project, P.O. Box 2188, Santa Fe, NM
      87504-2188 or e-mail us at info@....


      American Sexuality magazine

      American Sexuality magazine is seeking articles to be published by San
      Francisco State University's National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC),
      directed by Gilbert Herdt, with long term funding from Ford Foundation.
      Published articles will approximately 1000 words and written in a very
      accessible style for the public. Further instructions and information
      available at: http://nsrc.sfsu.edu

      Papers on GMOs

      Mary Riley and Joan Mencher seek papers for a volume on GMOs, the
      Biotechnology Industry, and Indigenous Farmers Worldwide. They seek articles
      from a wide range of geographic and ethnic field studies. Interested
      contributors can email Joan Mencher at CUNY: joanmencher@... or

      IASFM Call for Papers

      The 9th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study
      of Forced Migration (IASFM) will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, on January
      9-13, 2005. Session and paper proposals will be accepted until September 1,
      2004. For more information refer to the association's website:
      www.iasfm.org. A limited number of grants are available for participants
      from developing countries and for graduate students.

      CASCA Annual Conference

      The Canadian Anthropology Society/Societe Canadienne d'Anthropologie
      (CASCA), the Society for the Anthropology of North America (SANA), and the
      Facultad de Ciencias Antropológicas de la Universidad Autonoma de Yucatán
      (UADY) will be meeting in Merida, Mexico, on May 3-8, 2005. A deadline for
      submission of sessions is October 31, 2004; individual papers can be
      submitted by: January 31st, 2005. For more information refer to
      www.cas-sca.ca/meetings.htm or send an email to merida05@....

      GCIM Seeks Manuscripts

      The Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM) has launched a new
      research paper series on 'Global Migration Perspectives' edited by Jeff
      Crisp and Colleen Thouez. The goal of the series is to stimulate the current
      debate on global migration issues and to assist the Commission in
      formulating policy recommendations to be submitted to the UN
      Secretary-General in mid-2005. For more information send an inquiry to
      info@..., include Global Perspectives in the subject line.

      International Migration Journal

      Elzbieta M. Gozdziak and Charles B Keely, editors of International
      Migration, are seeking manuscripts on a wide range of topics related to
      international migration. See www.georgetown.edu/sfs/programs/isim/ for
      information about the journal and to see the full call for papers.

      Expansion of Visual Anthropology

      Visual Anthropology, beginning in January 2005, will be published five times
      a year, and each volume will contain nearly 500 pages. As in the past,
      special theme issues will be organized; and persons who wish to either
      submit a paper, volunteer for book or film reviewing, or present an outline
      for a Special Issue should contact the editor directly: Paul Hockings, at
      visualanthro@.... For author instructions, please visit the journal's
      homepage at http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/08949468.asp.

      Visualizing Food and Farm

      The Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society and the Association for the
      Study of Food and Society will hold joint 2005 meetings on Thursday, June 9
      through Sunday, June 12 at the Benson Hotel in Portland, OR. The theme for
      the meetings is "Visualizing Food and Farm." Program chair is Gil Gillespie,
      Development Sociology, Cornell University. Paper abstracts or proposals for
      sessions and panels are due February 18, 2005.

      Anxious Borders

      The SPA Biennium Conference is scheduled for April 7-10, 2005, at the
      Catamaran Hotel in San Diego as a joint meeting with AES. The theme will be
      "Anxious Borders: Traversing Anthropological Divides." Go to
      www.aaanet.org/SPA/meetings.htm for more information.

      Bateson Centennial

      "Gregory Bateson@100: Multiple Versions of the World." A conference
      celebrating Bateson's centennial and his on-going influence. Sat, Nov 20,
      2004, 9am-5pm. UC Berkeley. Lawrence Hall of Science. Go to

      Four Dimensions of Childhood

      "Four Dimensions of Childhood: Brain, Mind, Culture, and Time," The Second
      Foundation for Psychocultural Research (FPR) -UCLA Graduate Division
      Interdisciplinary Conference will be held February 11-13, 2005 at the
      University of California, Los Angeles. Registration, June 15, 2004 to Jan
      11, 2005 Go to www.thefpr.org/conference2005/ for details.

      Economic Anthropology

      The Society for Economic Anthropology seeks proposals for papers and poster
      presentations for its 2005 annual meetings, April 21-23, 2005, at Dartmouth
      College, Hanover, New Hampshire on the theme: "Economies and the
      Transformation of Landscape." Send an abstract for a paper or poster of
      400-600 words to Lisa Cliggett and Chris Pool, Department of Anthropology,
      211 Lafferty Hall, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0024.
      Deadline for abstracts is November 1, 2004.


      $10,000 Book Prize

      The School of American Research seeks nominations for the J I Staley Prize
      in recognition of a living author for an outstanding book in anthropology.
      Books published between 1997 and 2003 are eligible for consideration for the
      2005 prize, which carries a cash award of $10,000. Deadline for nominations
      for the 2005 award is October 1, 2004. For more information, visit
      www.sarweb.org or contact the program director at staley@...;

      Peter K New Student Research Prize

      This competition is open to students registered at the graduate or
      undergraduate level during the calendar year 2004. First prize is a cash
      award of $1000 plus a Steuben crystal trophy and travel funds. Deadline is
      December 31, 2004. Research should use the social/behavioral sciences to
      address in an applied fashion a question in the domain (broadly construed)
      of health or human services. For additional information visit:
      www.sfaa.net/pknew/pknew.html or call 405/843-5113.

      AFA Travel Award

      The Association of Feminist Anthropologists announces the 2004 Travel Award
      to underrepresented students and recent PhDs to attend the 2004 AAA
      meetings. Deadline is October 1, 2004. See the AFA website for details,
      eligibility criteria and application: http://sscl.berkeley.edu/~afaweb/

      SAE Student Paper Prize

      The Society for the Anthropology of Europe is holding its 12th annual
      student paper competition. One prize of $150 will be given for the best
      undergraduate paper, and up to two prizes of $350 will be awarded for
      graduate student papers. Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2005. For more
      information see, www.aaanet.org/coop/index.cfm.

      SANA Prize

      The Society for the Anthropology of North America Prize for Distinguished
      Achievement in the Critical Study of North America is awarded to a senior
      anthropologist for broad-based contributions to research, teaching and
      service related to the development of critical studies of North America,
      including the US, Canada and Mexico. Deadline for this year's nominations is
      September 15, 2004. Contact: Tim Sieber, tim.sieber@.... For more
      information, see www.aaanet.org/coop/index.cfm.

      Ruth Benedict Prize Competition

      SOLGA awards this annual prize for outstanding anthropological scholarship.
      Prize is presented at the AAA annual meeting in November to acknowledge
      excellence in a scholarly book on a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered
      topic. Inquiries should be directed to the committee chair, Rudolf Gaudio,
      at Rudolf.gaudio@..., and more information can be found at

      Stirling Prize Competition

      This year the Stirling Prize will be awarded to a published article or
      chapter in an edited volume that makes an outstanding contribution to any
      area of psychological anthropology. Articles published in 2003, 2004 and
      scheduled for publication later in 2004 are eligible. Deadline December 1,
      2004. Send three copies to: SPA STIRLING PRIZE, c/o Claudia Strauss, Pitzer
      College, 1050 N Mills Ave, Claremont, CA 91711. Go to
      www.aaanet.org/SPA/prizedesc.htm for submission requirements.


      AAA E-News Managing Editor, Stacy Lathrop, slathrop@...
      AAA E-News Production Editor, Sarah Wassell, swassell@...

      Contact AAA Member Services Manager Richard Thomas at rthomas@... if
      you would like to stop receiving AAA E-News.
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