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FW: CHAIN seeks Executive Director

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  • Glenn Brown
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      Subject: CHAIN seeks Executive Director

      Position Description - Executive Director Community Health Action
      Network- CHAIN - Florida

      POSITION: Executive Director
      LOCATION: State of Florida
      WEBSITE: www.floridachain.org
      Please respond to: Priyas@...

      The Community Health Action Information Network(CHAIN)'s mission is to
      build the capacity of and link local communities for state, regional,
      and local action to improve the health and well being of Floridians,
      especially disenfranchised constituencies. Priorities include:
      promoting access to healthcare at the local, state and national levels;
      supporting healthcare reform; liaison to other statewide networks that
      link their efforts with CHAIN and building community leadership through
      the empowerment of those most affected by these issues by providing
      timely information, policy and skills training, and structures for
      collaborative strategy development.


      CHAIN was initiated in 1998 with support from the W.K. Kellogg
      Foundation as a network of existing Florida organizations responding to
      the national devolution movement regarding welfare reform and healthcare
      access issues. That grant expired in the fall of 2003 but the work of
      CHAIN continued through in-kind support of participating
      organizations and small incremental funding resources. As a result of
      this support and a strategic planning effort, CHAIN recently received
      two grants to build a stronger organization and promote a strategic
      health care reform agenda.

      The Director's position is securely funded for one year with renewal
      likely based on fulfillment of program commitments. Additional funding
      sources have been cultivated and have invited proposals. Resource
      development will be a high priority in order to continue to build the
      organization and achieve healthcare policy goals. The Director is not
      expected to be based at any particular location initially, although some
      support is available at the Miami-Dade and Volusia/Flagler LINCs.


      Responsibilities of Executive Director

      The Executive Director shall have an understanding and commitment to the
      CHAIN mission that all people shall have access to affordable, quality
      healthcare services in the state of Florida. This individual is a leader
      who is highly qualified and capable of developing strategies needed to
      support the mission of CHAIN and setting long and short term goals for
      shaping policy and forging collaborative efforts among existing
      coalitions and organizations with similar goals and interests.

      This individual shall be capable of building a statewide collaborative
      network that will bring consumers and local communities into the state
      health policy arena though support of local initiatives, community
      networks, community outreach activities, and facilitation of state-level
      advocacy partnerships. This individual will guide the organization's
      evolution and build the infrastructure and governance needed to support
      the policy work, effective community organizing, and to implement
      projects and programs.


      Develop organizational governance

      * Build consensus for governance structure and implement the plan
      utilizing the interim steering committee of state partners and LINCs
      that developed the current strategic plan

      * Refine CHAIN health policy agenda and strategy

      Capacity Building

      - Develop relationships with the key stakeholders who are identified in
      the transition plan for CHAIN as essential partners in the state and

      - Formalize relationship of regional LINCs with CHAIN including
      development of a program to develop capacity of LINCS to effectively
      engage in local and state health care advocacy.

      - Develop and implement plan to establish and support new regional LINCs
      in strategic geographic areas and localities that possess local
      leadership interest.

      - Establish a communications plan that assures consistent flow of
      information among CHAIN, LINCs and state partners

      - Work cooperatively with other coalitions and develop outreach
      strategies to engage diversified partners to support the mission and
      purpose of CHAIN. Forge common ground among partners, grass-roots, and
      other stakeholders.

      Resource Development

      - Develop plan for financial sustainability for CHAIN.

      - Maintain and increase relationships with local and national funding
      sources with the goal of bringing in resources to assure the present and
      future strength of CHAIN.

      - Ensure the fiscal integrity of CHAIN and mange the revenues and
      resources to provide accountability and preparation for audits.

      Public Relations

      - Serve as key spokesperson for CHAIN in press, with policymakers, and
      among collaborating partners.

      - Coordinate press and media plan for CHAIN.

      - Develop and implement strategic messages that support and enhance
      CHAIN's policy agenda.


      * Excellent interpersonal and community relations skills * Excellent
      verbal and communication skills * Experience in organizing around policy
      issues * Experience in grant-writing and management * Familiarity with
      issues relating to health access * Familiarity with legislative process/
      lobbying and state trends * Adequate computer skills * Capable of
      understanding and managing budgets * Readiness to travel around the
      state and nationally as needed.


      Bachelor level and at least two years of community building or
      equivalent experience.

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