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  • Glenn Brown
    Jun 29, 2004
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      Members tf the Tampa
      For those of you that are interested, the Central Park discussions continue. The text recognition software did what it could to bring you a copy of an article from the FL Sentinel regarding Central Park and Hope VI.

      Members of the Tampa
      Housing Authority Board of Commissioners met “on Monday to further discuss methods  to redevelop the
      • Central Park Village Public Housing Complex. Tampa Housing Authority officials
      vowed to find funding after their HOPE VI application was denied earlier this month.
      During the workshop held on Monday, board members learned that although the
      • application had been judged as good, they
      would not learn why it was denied until later in the year. Jerome Ryan. , CEO of the Tampa Housing Authority said, “if we had submitted the application with the CVITAS Group, we would have had a better chance of getting the grant.”
      HUD only funded 1 of the 6 applications it received from the State of Florida . The .HOPE VI grant was for $20 million.
      Without a HOPE VI grant,

      the Tampa Housing Authority must find other Avenues to pursue in order to raise the $45 million needed to demolish and rebuild the entire complex To dater they have $17,790,000 earmarked for the project. Those funds came from the Hillsborough Finance Authority, of which Frank Debose is chairman.
      The Tampa Rousing Authority plans to send letters to the residents of the complex and keep them informed about important
      decisions made.
      also plan to resubmit their application to HUB. However, in the interim, the will continue making strides to partner with other organizations to bring about the funding fur a new complex.
      County To Offer Assistance With HA In an unexpected show of support, County Commissioners voted on Wednesday to offer the City of
      Tampa a CRA to help with the redevelopment of Central Park Village.
      Earlier this year, its board
      members backed away from casting a hvorable vote, citing not having enough time to make an informed decision., But after Wednesday’s meeting, Commissioners voted to send a letter of support to Mayor Pam Iorio. Commission Chairman Thomas Scott said, “Although the Tampa Housing Authority didn’t receive their HOPE VI grant, we are looking forward to establishing a CRA with the City.  “A lot of people are under the misconception that this will be our first CRA with the them. But the first CRA came about under my leadership when we created one for East Tampa. We think it will be a good avenue for Central Park Village.
      agreement the city will establish the boundaries of the project and bring back to the Commissioners the terms of the agreement,” Chairman Scott said.
      Reporter Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (813) 248.1921 or by e-mail at i