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507FW: Transana 2.60 released

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  • Glenn Brown
    Jan 23, 2014
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      From: David Woods [mailto:dwoods@...]
      Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2014 1:50 PM
      To: transana-announce@...
      Subject: Transana 2.60 released



      I'm pleased to announce the release of Transana 2.60.

      The latest version of Transana allows researchers to bring still images into their qualitative analyses in several interesting ways.  Features include:

       - capturing images from video or importing graphics files from the hard disk

       - selecting the size and framing to emphasize part of an image

       - adding "coding shapes", allowing reseachers to code images by drawing on them

       - linking still images to particular places in video files, if appropriate for providing context

       - including still images in Transana's Reports and, if linked to media files, Transana's Maps.

      You can see a demonstration of these new features at http://www.transana.org/support/ScreenCasts/Images.htm , particularly starting at about 3:58 in the video.

      See the Release Notes for more details about the new release.

      To find out how to upgrade to the newest Transana release, enter your download e-mail address on the Previous Purchase page of the Transana Web Site.

      David K. Woods, Ph.D.
      Researcher, Transana Lead Developer
      Wisconsin Center for Education Research
      University of Wisconsin, Madison

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