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49RE: [SCOPA] It's Time For Commissioners To Help Central Park

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  • E.J.
    Apr 21 1:29 PM
      This editorial is a real good indicator that the Tampa Tribune has an
      ulterior motive in their coverage of the ongoing Central Park Village
      situation. I think most dispassionate observers would acknowledge that
      Gatewood has more than a passing relationship with the Civitas project.

      The suggestion that four county commissioners are somehow negligent because
      they haven't promoted their own plan for developing Central Park Village is
      beside the point. The commissioners are the voice of the people and their
      primary mission is to approve or disapprove of plans that are proposed to
      them by activist citizens, the city government, and the County
      Administrator. If they aren't comfortable with the suggestions posed by the
      Civitas group or the city, they need to say no, and that seems to be what
      they've done.

      The Central Park Village situation is a real subject for concern for
      residents of the Bay Area.


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      This issue deserves the attention of applied anthropologists. Comments,
      anyone? --Alvin

      It's Time For Commissioners To Help Central Park

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