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421Fwd: AHS OT: Request for Abstracts

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  • Glenn
    Feb 7, 2011
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      I am starting to accept proposals for the Data Shop article to be included in the November 2011 of HUD's journal, Cityscape. If you have done any crunchy data analysis recently and would like to share your experience with others who share a taste for such fare, please send me a short abstract by March 22nd. I will make my decision in early April and expect a draft by the beginning of June.

      For a formal description of what Data Shop is all about, see http://www.huduser.org/portal/periodicals/cityscpe/vol12num2/ch9.html.

      Feel free to share this invitation to anyone in the universe who you might think would want to contribute.

      Dav Vandenbroucke
      Senior Economist
      U.S. Dept. HUD

      I disclaim any disclaimers.

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