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404Re: [SCOPA] FW: Register Today! 34th Annual Miami Conference on the Caribbean and Central America

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  • Alayne Unterberger
    Oct 12, 2010
    Hey everyone!

    If you go to this, make sure you come back on Friday night for our Mambo #8: FICS 8th Anniversary Party @ the Doubletree Hotel on Cypress. We are going all out so it should be very fun (and anthropological)!  You can even wear your favorite Mambo Zoot Suit and/or awesome pencil skirt.  We will!

    Save the date for us --- please!  More info will be coming out soon.

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    Subject: Register Today! 34th Annual Miami Conference on the Caribbean and Central America



    RegisterToday! 34th Annual Miami Conference on the Caribbean and Central America


    FAVACA encourages you to participate in the Caribbean-Central American Action (CCAA) 34th Annual Miami Conference December 1-3, 2010, at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Miami, Florida.  Register before October 15 to recieve the Super Saver Discount.


    The Miami Conference brings together the regional and international stakeholders who are making a difference to the economic development of the Caribbean and Central America.  The conference will highlight the key business and policy issues most relevant to economies of the Caribbean and Central America and of particular importance this year are the headline issues of security and disaster preparedness as well as highlighting the financial services and energy sectors. 


    During this year's conference, FAVACA's Executive Director Demian Pasquarelli will moderate a form entitled: Disaster Management: Tools for Disaster Management and Mitigation which will look at some of the national and regional plans, best practices in public/private cooperation, and some of the emerging technology that can most impact a country's ability to recover from a disaster. Please visit the CCAA conference agenda to see an expanded list of series and presenters.


    For more information on the 2010 Miami Conference on the Caribbean and Central America, visit the CCAA website at www.c-caa.org, or contact CCAA at miami@...

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