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402FW: Anthro: Welcoming Ellen as LPO Liaison for NAPA

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  • Glenn Brown
    Oct 12, 2010
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      Congratulations Ellen!!!


      From: Rebecca.Severson@... [mailto:Rebecca.Severson@...]
      Sent: Monday, October 11, 2010 1:39 PM
      Subject: Anthro: Welcoming Ellen as LPO Liaison for NAPA


      Hi LPO leaders and all,

                  As Ellen Puccia, the new LPO Liaison for NAPA, probably told you already, I had to step down in the middle of the 5 year term as LPO Liaison. Our company went through a merger plus I travel so much for the job that I just couldn’t do the Liaison position justice anymore.  I am so grateful to Ellen for taking over.

                  For those of you who I got to meet at the last 3-4 luncheons during AAA and at the booth during AAA, thank you! You’re in good hands with Ellen now and I wish you all well with your LPOs. LPO leaders are the unsung heroes of Anthro. You help so many people in their careers and the work you do is important for the profession, so keep on organizing!


       ‘Hope to see you around at the conferences, or if you’re ever in Chicago, look me up. 


      All the best,


      Outgoing LPO liaison for NAPA



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