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305FW: [AntConn] Poverty and Social Justice Conferen ce (Anthropology) @ AU- You are invited

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  • Glenn Brown
    Jan 8, 2008
      Just in case you didn't see this on AntConn:

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      Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 2:29 PM
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      Cc: Maria Amelia Viteri; Jennifer Delfino
      Subject: [AntConn] Poverty and Social Justice Conference (Anthropology) @ AU- You are invited

      Dear Glenn:
      Can you share the attached CFP and conference announcement (Anthropology and Social Justice) with any relevant constituent and on your AntConn listserv.  I thank you tremendously.
      kalfani n. ture'

      Conference Dates and Location: Friday and Saturday, March 21-22, 2008,
      American University, Washington, DC
      Abstracts Due: January 21, 2007

      The College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Council and the Department of Anthropology at American University, Washington, DC, is pleased to announce the Call for Paper proposals for the Second Annual International Multidisciplinary Conference “Interrogating Diversity”. This year’s theme is “Representation, Power, and Social Justice”.
      The conference will provide presenters the opportunity to present their research in a forum with an active and engaging audience devoted to discussion as it “Interrogates Diversity” by looking at the effects and affects of power dynamics behind gentrification, environmental policies, language and the media and health inequalities which are closely connected to the way in which places, communities and cultures get represented. We invite these interrogations through the gamut of theory-based papers to discussions of research-in- progress. Indeed, this space will provide a wide range of discussions - either in English or Spanish - to encourage and facilitate open and honest discussions that are often taken for granted.

      Scholars from all fields of study are welcome to engage in fruitful, analytical discussion. This year’s themes examine the following four areas of concern that are meant to be suggestive rather than restrictive:

      1. Gentrification, Development, and Displacement

      Main Session Chair: Naomi Jagers
      Co-chairs: Kalfani Ture, Michel Tinguiri
      Social science is increasingly giving attention to the effects of environmental and development policies as they have been implemented in a rapidly urbanizing and globalizing world including displacement of people and communities that often result. Equal attention has been given to processes by which people resist, create community identity and shape social space in the face of such policies. It is recognized that these processes not only disrupt physical space and people's sense of belonging, but also that such trends and policies often adversely affect vulnerable communities along the lines of class, race, gender, & religion. We welcome interdisciplinary papers addressing and/or re-examining themes including and related to gentrification, urban planning and housing policy, development, refugee, tourism, and displacement as they highlight power inequality, global political and economic inequality, inter- and intra-racial conflict, homelessness, and localized resistance
      to community dissolution. Please join us in exploring new insights that can inform academic and activist related discourse(s) .

      2. Language and social action, media representation, and the body
      Main Session Chair: Jennifer Delfino
      Co-Chair: Audrey Cooper

      This panel explores the ways in which language emerges as a form of social action, both through media representation and as embodied practice. We welcome papers from any social science discipline that explore the connections between language, social action, the media, and the body, as well as any that seek to challenge the ways in which these topics are linked together to interrogate power and dominant forms of representation, as well as to identify openings for theorizing social change and acting towards social justice.

      3. Interdisciplinary Contributions to Environmental Policy and Practice
      Main Session Chair: Rodolfo Tello

      How can we promote greater inclusion of social justice concerns while improving the effectiveness of environmental interventions? We are looking for papers addressing potential and actual contributions to contend with current socioenvironmental problems. From a results-based perspective, we expect to gain a better understanding of the different ways of approaching these issues, both at the policy and on the ground levels, and their degree of effectiveness within the context of their application. Proposals from different disciplinary and non-disciplinary concentrations are encouraged, including environmental anthropology, political ecology, environmental justice, human geography, ecological economics, environmental activism, sustainable development, environmental sociology, political science, environmental education, conservation social science, and other related interdisciplinary programs. Join us in an effort to build a more socially inclusive conservation practice!

      4. Inequalities in Health and Healing
      Main Session Chair: Nell Haynes

      Health and healing are conceptualized and practiced diversely among different groups. Even such concepts are often problematic in certain places. We welcome papers exploring relationships between health, inequalities, healing practices, and larger social processes. Papers addressing wellness, illness, health, healing, disease, injury, and cultural competency as they relate to individuals, families, or communities will be productive to this discussion. Particularly of interest are disparities in health and healing due to age, gender, race, citizenship, ethnicity, and socioeconomic conditions. Proposals are encouraged from disciplines such as medical anthropology, sociology, international studies, public health, gender studies, or other interdisciplinary programs, as well as health policy organizations and practitioners. Through this discussion we hope to advance social justice by exploring how health needs are or are not being met.

      ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Please send an abstract of your paper, workshop proposal or visual work (DVD) to our conference’s email interdivconferencei i@... not later than January 21, 2008. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words. If your paper speaks specifically to one of our four themes, please indicate so in the subject line and/or include the session’s main chair name.

      Please visit our website at american.edu/ anthro/indiv for more information and/or contact session chairs at interdivconferencei i@...

      Kalfani N. Ture'
      Doctoral Student, Anthropology
      American University, Washington, DC
      Program in Race, Gender and Social Justice
      ture_k@yahoo. com
      www.american- anthropology. wetpaint. com
      (301) 256 5280



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