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302FW: Announcement - New book on Practicing Anthropology from Left Coast Press

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  • Glenn Brown
    Dec 14, 2007
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      Left Coast Press announces the release of a major new book in practicing anthropology:

      Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research
      Patricia L. Sunderland and Rita M. Denny (Practica Group)
      **special 20% discount! Use code L207 at checkout.

      "Whatever type of anthropology you might pursue, you'll find an entree to the field in the following pages."
      -From the Foreword by JOHN F SHERRY, JR.

      "This work succeeds brilliantly in blurring the increasingly unhelpful perception of a divide between 'applied' and 'academic' anthropology. Along several dimensions, it demonstrates how 'cutting edge' and indeed 'theoretical' post-1980s ethnographic research on consumers and marketing has been. Among the current literature in this field, this book has the comprehensiveness to serve as an ideal teaching tool. "
      -GEORGE MARCUS, University of California Irvine

      "This book is a gem, and one long awaited by academic applied anthropologists like me. I have taught courses in applied anthropology and ethnographic research methods for many years, and several of my former students have gone on to careers in market research. Had I had access to such a text earlier, my students would have been far more aware of, and far better prepared for, the careers that awaited them.... [It is] eloquently written with wit and candor, and filled with intriguing vignettes illustrating just how important the work of practitioners can be in advancing anthropological theory and method. Their use of multiple methods within the overall ethnographic framework, including rapid appraisal and semiotic analysis, is a model for contemporary fieldworkers, regardless of the location or domain of their work. "
      -From the Foreword by DONALD STULL