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3Florida Institute for Community Studies (FICS) Anniversary Party 2-7 PM

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  • Glenn
    Dec 5, 2003
      Florida Institute for Community Studies, Inc.
      El Instituto de Estudios Comunitarios de la Florida, Inc.
      FICS, PO Box 16745, Tampa, FL 33687-6745 ' Phone: 813.248.3427

      Press Release

      For Immediate Release, December 4, 2003

      Contact Persons: Alayne Unterberger, 813.477.2882

      Florida Institute for Community Studies Celebrates One Year of
      Operations and Achievements!

      Ybor City - Located within the historic Cigar Factory, built in 1895,
      the Florida Institute for Community Studies, also known as FICS, will
      celebrate it's first year of operation and recognize the achievements
      of the Institute and it's partners over the past year.

      We invite the press and interested public to join the FICS board,
      clients and staff at our offices at 202 South 22nd Street, Suite
      106, Tampa, FL, on Wednesday, December 17, 2003. Come share the
      excitement and stay for happy hour (4-7 PM) and an auction at 5 PM.
      The event is open to everyone in the community. Community members
      interested in suggesting research, needed programs or partnerships
      are welcome to attend.

      All attendees are asked to bring an unwrapped gift for a child
      between the ages of 0 and 14 years for distribution on January 4,
      2003 at the Three Kings Day Celebration organized by FICS Pocos Hijos
      Para Darles Mas community advisory committee in Wimauma (soccer
      balls, shinguards also).

      Student interns, youth from south county and staff will be on hand to
      talk about their work as part of the FICS team. FICS interviewer and
      USF student Adjani PiƱeiro explained, "It is important for the
      Florida Institute to be involved with projects like Proyecto
      Prevencion because these programs serve as a voice for the community.
      The people get a sense of empowerment because we ask them what THEY
      want and not what we think they want...The kids I have gone out and
      interviewed have been surprised when I ask them what sorts of things
      they would like to see in their communities. If you could only see
      the excitement they get when they start thinking about it, it's as if
      finally maybe something will get done with them in mind."

      For more information, please contact Alayne at 813.248.3427
      (248.FICS) or 813.477.2882 or check out the website: WWW.FICSINC.ORG.