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273Re: USF alums session at SfAA 2007 in Tampa

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  • Alayne Unterberger
    Oct 2, 2006
      I still think it is a good idea to explore the concept of a roundtable
      for this meeting...it would allow more participation, even if it is less
      formal. It would be like a large focus group of sorts and I think it
      would reflect well on the USF program. From there, John's got a good
      point, we could solicit abstract/papers for PA or some other venue.

      The other advantage of a roundtable might be that if people are already
      committed to sessions, they should still be able to contribute to
      roundtables...they don't count the same. In the past, that was the case
      but we could check with the program chairs.

      John Stone wrote:

      > *Al et Al..*
      > **
      > *This sounds like an interesting idea. I'm wondering, though, if a
      > session of papers is the right approach for something like this. Could
      > one session -- even a double session -- adequately cover the program's
      > topical breadth and historical transformation, much less its impact on
      > the discipline? It seems rather ambitious. Did you consider possibly
      > doing this as a moderated/facilitated round-table discussion among USF
      > anthro faculty, alums, and graduate students? Just thinking aloud
      > here... perhaps something organized around four or five key discussion
      > points that address the 'impact' issue. (What these 'key discussion
      > points' might be is something that could be posed to the group.) With
      > proper initiative, an enterprising grad student (or team of students)
      > could even pull the proceedings together as an evaluation of sorts..
      > an 'emic evaluation'... possibly as a PA article or NAPA rept...
      > something tangible as an output of the effort.. Just a thought. In any
      > case, more to the question you raise in your email, I am presently
      > committed to another nanotechnology session and am not sure if the
      > program committee allows multiple presentations. I know sfaa used to
      > frown on that, but may have eased up a little lately. Not sure exactly
      > what I would present at a 'USF Impact' session, and even if I were I
      > doubt I could pull it together within the allotted timeframe
      > (remember, it took me a millennium to complete my dissertation)... So
      > consider me a firm 'maybe.' *
      > **
      > *Cheers,*
      > **
      > *jvs*
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      > *Subject:* USF alums session at SfAA 2007 in Tampa
      > **
      > Would you please consider doing a paper in a session during the
      > SfAA meetings March 30, 2007?
      > The session abstract will be something like this – depending on
      > your advice and consultation:
      > *South Florida**’s impact on anthropology and society. *
      > DRAFT ABSTRACT OF SESSION: The archives of the University of South
      > Florida contains a list of forty-two works descriptive of the MA
      > and PhD programs in applied anthropology published between 1974
      > and 1994. At least two hundred graduates of those programs have
      > now been out in the work force at least twenty years, and another
      > hundred have been added to that in the past decade. It is surely
      > time to consider the impact of those professional practitioners on
      > the discipline of anthropology and on the various professions in
      > and around which they work. To get the anthropological perspective
      > on that these natives speak for themselves.
      > Proposed Papers in the Proposed Session:
      > I will give an introductory overview. Michael Angrosino might give
      > a paper. Michelle Ogilvie and Alayne Unterberger have offered to
      > give papers.
      > We will have to negotiate quickly, because all SfAA registrations
      > and paper abstracts and the session proposal and abstracts will
      > have to go through us first and then into SfAA, all by October 15.
      > Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed, but they must be received
      > quickly.
      > Thanks much for your consideration.
      > --Alvin
      > Alvin Wolfe
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