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26FW: NAPA LPO update

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  • Glenn Brown
    Mar 22, 2004
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      From: Terry Redding [mailto:terryredding@...]
      Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 1:44 PM
      Subject: NAPA LPO update

      Hello folks:

      This message is going to both Local Practitioner Organization (LPO)
      leaders and also those who have expressed an interest at some point in
      developing an LPO or in being a resource person. Feel free to pass it
      along if needed.

      With that disclaimer, I would like to update you on what is going on at
      NAPA in terms of LPO issues.

      For those of you interested in developing an LPO, NAPA is finalizing a
      resource kit which will contain the following:
      A development guide
      An MS Access membership database, ready for data input A website
      template to get you connected to cyberspace

      If you are interested in any of all of these please let me know. Once
      the resource kit is complete I'll be sending out a more thorough
      description. Also, for those existing LPOs that need technical
      assistance in getting a website up and running, be in touch and we can
      go through the steps.

      Speaking of websites, the NAPA website (www.practicinganthropology.org),
      will soon update the LPO section. Information and updates will be posted
      there periodically to make it a more useful resource to LPO members. You
      should see the updates within the next several weeks.

      A planning ahead note: the annual NAPA LPO luncheon at the AAA meeting
      in San Francisco is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 18, from
      12:15 to 1:30 p.m., at the conference hotel. The format will be a bit
      different this year: two members from each LPO are invited to attend. In
      addition, those interested in starting an LPO in their local areas will
      be invited. LPO veterans will be asked to share their insights and ideas
      with other developing and potential LPOs. More on the luncheon will
      follow, but please make a note now on your calendars!

      AAA newsletter note: NAPA Secretary Mari Clarke has graciously offered
      two items of interest for LPOs in the NAPA column of the Anthropology
      News published by the AAA:
      First, LPOs should submit any items of interest to Mari for publication
      in the NAPA column. These newsworthy items would include awards, special
      events and activities, membership issues, etc. In addition, Mari and I
      have been discussing publishing periodic profiles of LPOs in the
      newsletter. This will give each LPO a chance to share with others who
      they are and what they do. This will be something for the future, but
      LPOs should begin now to think about assigning a contact person who will
      take the lead on developing their profile. More news will be coming on
      this in due course. In the meantime, send your news items and updates
      for the Anthropology Newsletter to Mari Clarke at

      SfAA meeting notes: As you may already know, the SfAA annual LPO
      luncheon will be held on Friday, April 2 in the Pyramid Grill,
      lobby-level of the Fairmont Hotel. Reservations have been made for
      11:45 a.m. in Carla Littlefield's name. Even if you are not going to
      Dallas, please designate a member of your LPO who will be there as a
      representative. Please forward the name of the person who will represent
      your LPO at the luncheon to Leni Bohren at bohren@....
      Also, the AAA-SfAA Consortium will have a booth at the meeting and LPOs
      are invited to participate. The booth will be open Thursday, Friday and
      Saturday. LPOs should drop off information sheets and other materials
      for the booth. In addition, there are a few volunteer staff slots open
      for the booth. Volunteers should contact Linda Bennett at
      lbennett@... as soon as possible.

      Thanks for reading; updates on some of the abovementioned items will
      follow in due course. In the meantime please let me know if I can be of
      help in your ongoing LPO activities.

      Cheers for now,
      Terry Redding
      NAPA LPO Liaison

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